These Valorant easter eggs may be hints about the 15th agent

By Olivia Richman


Feb 19, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

While Episode 2 brought Valorant players a new agent, Yoru, the community is already using the battle pass to theorize what the next agent might be like. 

Each battle pass has contained a player card that directly teases the next agent. This time, players are focusing in on the “Bridge Between Worlds” card. That’s because the tier-38 card contains an orb that also keeps appearing on different parts of each map. 

Here is the orb on Haven: 

Valorant orb theory

And here’s the orb spotted again on Bind’s B Site: 

Valorant orb theory

While the Valorant community is convinced that these orbs have something to do with Agent 15, not much is known about this incoming hero. Developers have already confirmed that the next character on the growing roster will be a controller, which means their abilities will help their team control the map. 

But Riot has been notoriously tight-lipped about the game’s lore. More backstory should be coming in Episode 2, but right now it’s difficult to say what the agent’s backstory or abilities will be. 

One Reddit user pointed out that Riot said the next agent will appeal to “galaxy brain” players. They found a folklore god named Nyame that “sees everything” and is an “omniscient sky god.” This seems to coincide with Riot’s own hints about the new agent. Akan also speaks French, which aligns with a data miner who found a French pastry in a game folder (PainAuxRaisins). 

For now, players will just have to speculate until Valorant reveals more lore and more hints at Agent 15. 

When will Valorant’s 15th agent come out?

It’s unknown when Valorant’s next agent might launch, but it might not be too far away. Valorant Episode 2, Act 1 is set to end on March 1, 2021 and Episode 2, Act 2 will begin immediately after. There’s a very real chance that the 15th agent might arrive with the launch of Episode 2, Act 2.


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