These grenade lineups are crucial for playing on Ancient

Fariha Bhatti • May 6, 2021 8:50 pm

Valve has finally rolled out a new map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s competitive pool, and it’s a bit different than other active duty locations. 

CSGO’s competitive experience was completely transformed with the addition of a hot new location, Ancient. The new map replaced Train after a six-year tenure. The drastic change prompted mixed reactions from CSGO fans who admired Train’s complex design, but players are finally getting the hang of it. 

Ancient’s B site is relatively difficult to take control of. The A site is much larger and lacks enclosed, but the B site has tight chokepoints that can be used to stuff pushes. However, correct use of utility and a bit of teamwork can help you break down enemy defenses. 

CT alley and cubby are the two most crucial spots you want to be cleared out before you set foot inside B. The enemy AWPer can easily shut down pushes from CT, whereas a close-angle cubby player only needs an SMG to wrap up the round. Use this setup to enter the B site and get a safe plant properly. 

For this setup, you need one molotov and a smoke grenade. Both lineups begin from the T side lower, which means you may need some cover from your teammates. Line yourself up on the wall and place your crosshair at the tip of the prop as shown in the image. 

Jump and throw the smoke. The grenade will block off the alley, allowing a safe entry for your teammates. However, cubby is a tough angle to clear out as the hidden enemy has an obvious aim advantage. To clear this out, move closer to the rocks and aim up the end of the leaf. 

Jump and throw the molotov to burn out the enemies hiding in the cubby. This lineup will likely wipe out the enemies holding the deep angle. 

This whole setup will ensure a safe site take. B takes will become a cakewalk for the T side, combined with one more smoke to close out the backside and pillar. 

What’s the new CSGO map? 

On May 4, Valve officially removed Train from the active duty map pool. The classic map was replaced by the fresh new location initially released as part of Operation Broken Fang in December, Ancient. 


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