These CSGO players just broke the gun range world record

By Nick Johnson


Aug 18, 2020

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s gun range world record has been broken, twice.

Two players beat the record time on CSGO’s training range within hours of one another, posting their times on the game’s subreddit. CSGO’s gun range serves as a training level for new players to get accustomed to the game’s novel recoil and movement systems.

The first player to break the record clocked in at an even 20 seconds while using the PP-Bizon’s expanded magazine, while the second player managed a 17.6 time using the AK-47. It turns out the AK was the better choice even with fewer bullets available for the run. The video shows the player making use of the weapon’s increased penetration and single-shot headshot ability to achieve quicker kills on the range’s enemies. The world record holder also hit a few more bunny hops on the range’s final section, catapulting them to both the finish line and the new world record.

CS:GO Gun Range PP-Bizon 64 Tick World Record. Thought someone might enjoy this 🙂 from r/GlobalOffensive

While the player who used the Bizon came in a few hours ahead of the other, the AK player beat their time by what is actually a pretty large 2.4 seconds total.

CSGO’s training map has been criticized by many players as not giving an accurate feel for the game, especially as CSGO’s developers have added new weapons and mechanics to the game. It also fails to teach new players some of CSGO’s movement basics, such as crouch-jumping, using the strafe and forward movement keys to traverse ladders faster, or the proper way to use grenades to stop or stall rushes in the game’s popular competitive mode.

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Luckily for players, many users have created their own practice maps complete with target practice and movement modes meant to help players hone their skills in the notoriously hard-to-learn shooter. has compiled a list of the best practice maps on CSGO’s community workshop. Those interested can find the list by clicking on the image above.


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