These CSGO crossover maps make your favorite map feel brand new

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 13, 2022

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Experienced players can navigate their favorite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps with ease, but switch up the scenery and it suddenly a lot more fun.

A CSGO Workshop creator who goes by the name Henge has been quietly releasing normal maps made with the assets of other maps. The result is equal parts confusing and charming. Henge currently has six different crossover maps featuring the concept, and they make amazing venues for CSGO lobby matches with friends. Here’s a look at the awesome maps with links to download them.

These maps are the creation of Henge, a CSGO mapper who has been posting to the Steam Workshop since 2017. He specializes in recreating existing maps using other maps’ assets. The result is uncanny, with familiar routes feeling entirely different just from the scenery. His published collection includes the following maps.

  • Cache in the style of Nuke
  • Dust in the style of Dust 2
  • Office in the style of Nuke
  • Mirage in the style of Dust
  • Mirage in the style of Nuke
  • Ancient in the style of Aztec

Crossover CSGO map skins are easy to get lost in

One of Henge’s first crossover maps is Mirage done in the style of Dust. The two settings are already fairly similar, but mixing the layout of Mirage with Dust assets makes it feel like a brand new battleground. Mid looks like something completely different from either map. There’s no chair on Dust, so the sneaky mid spot have been replaced with a humble potted shrub.

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The second spot to check out is a version of Cache built out of Nuke. This is a much more drastic scenery change, and it immediately makes navigation difficult. The dilapidated buildings have been replaced with pristine mechanical pipes and steel walls. The B site even features a nuclear reactor hanging overhead. Luckily for Henge, Nuke includes a forklift and a car to keep the A site feeling authentic.

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Loading up these CSGO crossover maps and walking through them is in some ways fresh and in some ways unsettling. Everything feels completely foreign despite mostly sticking to the original layout of your favorite existing maps. It can be difficult to tell exactly where the player is from just a screenshot. As Workshop map skins, players are unable to use these in official CSGO matchmaking. For your next full lobby, it’s a great way to experience something new and to mess with everyone’s heads.


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