These CSGO agent models created with AI are too real

Fariha Bhatti • September 6, 09:38

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive agents are much scarier in real life, as a 3D drawing of new CSGO skins shows.

Agent models in CSGO may not matter as much to players as they don’t necessarily impact gameplay, but they’re still expensive and rare. The game has over 40 agents, which are basically skins for your in-game character. A CSGO player named OrelStealth has breathed new life into these agents using AI, and the results are eerily accurate.

Agent protocol in CSGO had always remained simple. The prim and proper characters are not on top of players’ list of priorities. Valve recently decorated the protocol by rolling out harder agents donned in bright colors with witty voice lines. Operation Shattered Web and Broken Fang filled the roster with lively models that changed players’ perception of the CSGO protocol.

Orel has designed the female agents in AI, Valve’s newest addition to the roster. The developer continued the legacy of Shattered Web’s Eva by introducing four more female agents to CSGO’s lineup. Fang delivered CSGO’s first two female Terrorist models, while two more joined Eva on the Counter-Terrorist side. Commander Mae released as Master Agent requires 25 stars total, while players have to invest a 10-star Agent pack for the chance to unlock Farlow.

Orel has picked some of the popular CSGO agents, turning them into real-life characters. The artist has recreated Safecracker Voltzmann, Rezan the Redshirt, Lieutenant Farlow, Mae Dead Cold, and more.

The creator has added all signature features of agents, including Voltzmann’s purple hair and Markus Delrow’s red sunglasses. Every little detail has been taken into consideration, adding a realistic touch to the agents. Each model has been turned into a real-life version of itself with age spots and wrinkle detailing.

The creator left out the meme-worthy iconic agent Number K. But he recreated the famous agent upon a fan’s request, without the sheer material covering the agent’s face. In Orel’s version, the legendary nose mask has been replaced with spectacles.

CSGO players initially didn’t care much about agent models, but the new updates have changed that. Valve has added unique agents with clever voice lines that have become a hot new item on the CSGO market. CSGO agents can be rare and expensive due to how hard they are to unlock in the game.


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