How to play Chamber

These Chamber trap lineups in Valorant are too good to be legal

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players are pretty satisfied with Chamber’s new kit, but new lineups prove that he may not be as balanced as players think he is. 

New Valorant agents always returned to the lab a week after their release for balance and changes. But Chamber comfortably settled into the protocol as players didn’t find him too disruptive. Now, new spots for his trap are now making everyone second guess his potency. 

Players have discovered three overpowered spots for Chamber’s camera that are too good not to be a bug. These lineups work on Fracture, Icebox, and Ascent, three maps where Chambers has proven a force to be reckoned with. He can be a menace to play against with these bug-like traps, especially on defense. 

Chamber lineups to know in Valorant

On the latest map, Fracture, Chamber’s trap slips into the floor, hiding into plain sight. Enemies flanking on defense can easily get spotted, slowed down, and shot with the help of this Trademark. Since it’s sitting deep into a metal crevice, they won’t be able to spot and shoot at it.

The same thing happens on Icebox, but it’s a tad deadlier. The trap becomes utterly invisible as it slides under the metal on the Kitchen window. It’s not as valuable as the Fracture one, but it can be super rewarding in certain situations. 

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On Ascent, Chamber can hide his trap under the boat on B site’s control room. This camera is super helpful as it slows down all enemies pushing in from mid, making their way to the stairs. It’s also pretty tough to destroy, so Chamber can easily reuse it for multiple rounds. 

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These spots have become a deadly trio for those who don’t yet understand Chamber’s utility. While they’re not precisely bugs, they’ll likely get patched up since they look a lot like the infamous Cypher camera glitch on Breeze. The developer clarified that any ability that can’t be countered is illegal to use by banning Cypher glitch. A few of these Chamber spots are impossible to play against, which means Riot will remove them from the game soon. 

Is Chamber a good agent on Breeze? 

Chamber is one of the best agents to play on Breeze. The Sentinel can cover large areas on this location, helping his teammates tackle other sites. His Sheriff and Operator also shine the most on this vast location that offers opportunities for long-range duels.