Here’s what top Valorant pros think about new agent Chamber

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Chamber is polarizing the Valorant player base. Here’s what pro players have to say about the agent.

Chamber is Valorant’s 17th agent, and he’s already making a big splash in online play. Valorant fans always worry whenever a new agent comes out, as it can disrupt gameplay or throw balance out of whack. was able to connect with several Valorant pros through the Red Bull Home Grounds event to ask for their thoughts on Chamber, and these are their answers. How do you feel about Hybrid agents in Valorant? Do you think Chamber will impact Jett’s pick rate despite being a Sentinel?

Emir “rhyme” Muminovic: No, because stupid players need Jett, and Chamber will probably be a little bit more skilled, so no I don’t think it will impact that.

The agent looks good, but I don’t think it can replace Jett. I think he can be good in certain styles, I think a lot of people thought he could replace Jett, but I think Jett is so simple yet so good and she doesn’t really require a lot of game sense. It requires a lot of mechanical skill.

I think Chamber will not impact Jett that much, but I do think Chamber can be good together with other agents. Like Cypher for example. You can have two agents that can do almost the same work if you play it in that way. I think it’s interesting that you have a Sheriff as a spell, which can impact pistol rounds, force rounds, et cetera. It will be fun to see how the economy works around this agent and how much money he will use for his spells. Myself, I play a lot of agents that require a lot of utility and sometimes it’s a pain in the ass to spend too much credits on spells.

How do you think Chamber will impact the meta? More specifically, how do you think the scoping Sheriff ability will impact the Operator’s viability?

Santeri “BONECOLD” Sassi: It’s really hard to say because, in my experience, every time an agent comes out people theorize about them, but in reality things are always different. Overall I like the style of Chamber, I think he’s a fun agent, but I don’t think the Sheriff ability will change the Operator meta or make it any stronger. It’s still just a pistol, and snipers prefers being able to hold angles at ranges beyond the [range of the] Sheriff.

How do you generally feel about Chamber’s place in Valorant as its new agent?

BONECOLD: I like the idea of matching abilities with guns, and you kind of wrap around the economy. It’s nice to see if, after Chamber, there are other agents that have weapons combined with abilities.

Ayman “Tuna” Mosaad I agree with BONECOLD, but I also think it’s the new meta of sentinels. It’s not like the same as a Cypher or Killjoy. It’s like the first type, the “Sage,” so you can heal and go away, heal and go away, plus you [gather] info and [have] slows, so he’s like a third type of sentinel.