worst characters in multiversus

These are the worst characters in MultiVersus so far

By Olivia Richman


Jun 24, 2022

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It’s still early in MultiVersus’ brief life with the game’s full beta not even having dropped yet, but players grinding the game have already come forward with some analysis of the gameplay as well as the growing roster of characters.

If you’re looking to join in on the action during the closed beta, you’ll want to pick a character that can excel during that short time to get a better understanding of the gameplay mechanics and techniques. Here are the characters to avoid going into the beta, as they’ve established themselves as the worst of the roster.

Worst characters in MultiVersus

The game’s burgeoning community is still figuring out MultiVersus, but competitors have noticed that some characters are easier or harder to win matches with than others. While you will be able to come out victorious with any character if you put in enough time, these are the characters with the worst move sets thus far.


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The Adventure Time protagonist is probably the worst assassin in the entire game. Like Harley Quinn, he is supposed to be fast and deal a lot of damage, but he doesn’t accomplish this anywhere near as effectively. The fact that players have to collect gold coins in order to perform attacks with higher damage is another frustrating element when you’re trying to be fast and think on your toes.

Steven Universe

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If you’re looking to play a support, you may want to skip Steven Universe. His attacks are just not good enough to accomplish proper synergy with your partner, including a shield that’s supposed to cover him and his partner. This shield doesn’t work as intended in most situations and can also be broken very easily by opposing characters, making it seem pretty useless thus far.


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This slow bruiser is supposed to have aggressive, close-range attacks used to pressure opponents, but she’s just too slow right now. This makes Garnet easy to counter, and hardly a threat against most characters. There aren’t many reasons to choose Garnet compared to other powerful bruisers on the roster.


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Jake is another bruiser that is much too slow to be effective. Opponents can easily read your incoming attacks and dodge them, leaving Jake vulnerable to incoming counters. While he can stretch a good distance, Jake doesn’t put a lot of pressure on opponents, allowing them to carry out their strategies unbothered by Jake’s plodding offense.


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Superman is one of the worst tanks in MultiVersus. He is a bit better off than the other characters on this list but he doesn’t hit opponents consistently enough with his attacks. It’s still worth giving Superman a shot if you want a tanky bruiser, but Wonder Woman is probably a better option for the tank role.


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