Sylas is now the worst champion in League after 2021 preseason

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 20, 2020

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The 2021 LoL preseason patch has brought a lot of overpowered stuff to the game, and some champions are suffering under the new changes.

Players have experienced a lot of imbalance on patch 10.23, with certain tank junglers reaching 60% win rates while using some of the new stronger items in the game. Meanwhile, other champions are being punished at the other end of the spectrum, primarily champions who can’t do much against these beefier opponents. 

Here is a list of some of the worst champions in the first preseason patch that Riot will likely look to put in a better spot in upcoming updates. 



Sylas is one of the champions who is struggling the most on patch 10.23, especially in the jungle. The versatile skirmisher is usually viable in several different roles, but this patch is different. Sylas is below a 50% win rate in the jungle, top, and mid lane. His worst win rate is in the jungle, where he is currently only winning 37.55% of his games.

This is by far the lowest win rate of any champion in the game, and there is a good reason for that. The jungle has been dominated by tanks ever since the preseason patch hit live servers. Tanks have been abusing the overpowered Sunfire Aegis Mythic item, which has made them nearly impossible to deal with. This has left Sylas in the cold, since he isn’t great as a tank. 

Sylas is still viable for the mid or top lanes, but it’s not a champion that should be picked up to climb the ladder during the preseason. Luckily for Sylas, Riot has already nerfed some of the strong tank items, which means that Sylas could see some improvements in the coming weeks. 



Another champion that has struggled in the new tanky jungle meta is Rengar. The mobile assassin is having a hard time going up against the likes of Amumu, Rammus, and the other tank junglers. While new assassin items such as the Duskblade of Draktharr and Youmuu’s Ghostblade are strong, it’s not enough to deal with the defensive stats of Sunfire Aegis.

This puts Rengar at a 42.63% win rate currently and is therefore not the most optimal pick to climb with. Rengar will still work out against certain compositions, but he requires a squishy enemy team for him to be effective. 

Just like Sylas, Rengar will likely see an increased win rate as the tank items get nerfed on the preseason patches. 



The Barbarian King Tryndamere is having a hard time in the top lane since most crit items are considered weaker after the item overhaul was introduced. Tryndamere is still picked quite a lot in the top lane, but only with a poor 43.80% win rate. 

Tryndamere is struggling to deal with tanky champions, as crit items are not currently providing the DPS needed. Split pushing is becoming difficult for the brawler because tanks are currently able to soak up a lot of damage while doing good damage themselves. 

Luckily for Tryndamere players, Riot is looking to buff him in the upcoming patch 10.24. More specifically, Tryndamere will get more attack damage on his Bloodlust passive (Q) and heal more when Bloodlust is activated. The buffs will help Tryndamere better sustain against tanks in the top lane, while also dealing more consistent damage. 



Ryze has not found any momentum on the new patch as mobile assassins are entering the meta again. A champion like Fizz is currently one of the best options for the mid lane, which leaves an immobile mage like Ryze at the bottom of the priority list. 

Ryze is currently only winning 43.28% of games, making him the worst mid laner by win rate on the current patch 10.23. He is struggling against assassins, but also other mages like himself. There are simply too many better mage options in the current state of the game, including Annie, Malzahar, Viktor, and Brand. 

It doesn’t seem like Riot is planning to directly buff Ryze in the coming patch, so he will have to rely on the new items becoming stronger in his favor. 

Who are the least played champions in LoL?

Currently, the least played champions in LoL are Ziggs, Anivia, and Pyke. 

One would think that the low win rate champions are also the ones being played the least, but that is not the case. Actually, the least played champion in LoL is currently Ziggs, who is sitting at a balanced 50.10% win rate. The Yordle has only been picked 7,600 times on patch 10.23, which makes him the least played champion in LoL. 

Right behind him are Anivia and Pyke, who have been played less than 8,000 times each. Anivia is sitting at a poor 46.54% win rate, struggling to deal with the strong mid lane assassins that are currently dominating the game. Pyke is sitting on a 50.10% win rate but is rarely played just like Ziggs because he works best in very specific matchups.  


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