popular CSGO map in 2022

These are the most popular CSGO maps in 2022

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 15, 2022

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Matchmaking and Faceit players may disagree on many things, but both sides seem to love Mirage. New stats show the most popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps, and Mirage is at the top. 

CSGO has dozens of locations with scenic visuals and interesting layouts, but the player base likes to stick to the same bunch of maps. New stats by Leetify filter these legendary maps by a solid percentage. Regardless of the matchmaking platform, all CSGO players agree on one thing: Mirage is the best map. Leetify has ranked all CSGO maps by popularity across Valve matchmaking and Faceit games, and the results are interesting. 

According to the numbers, Mirage is the player favorite no matter the platform. Official matchmaking players like Mirage considerably more than higher-ranked players on Faceit. 

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About 30% of the matches are played on Mirage despite the regular addition of locations into the map pool. The antique architecture and golden Marrakesh buildings have a special place in players hearts. While Mirage’s golden scenery and traditional doors are a treat for the eyes, it’s likely the balanced layout that attracts players. 

Mirage is the most balanced map in CSGO, with a 50% win rate on both sides. No other map is designed like Mirage that ensures fair play no matter which side you spawn in. So it makes sense why players like to play on this location to climb ranks. The official queues are crammed with Mirage fans, so finding games in other maps is pretty difficult. 

It’s also quite surprising that Dust 2 is no longer the top favorite map. The dusty scenery has reigned over the CS franchise for over a decade, and it finally seems to lose its charm. Matchmaking players prefer Inferno over the classic map Dust 2. 

Faceit players love Inferno 

Mirage is also the top pick of Faceit players, but unlike matchmaking, they don’t queue “Mirage only.” Inferno is pretty popular as well with a pick rate of 24.1%.

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The varying percentage makes sense as the free Faceit queue doesn’t have a map pick option. Players have to go through a voting system to decide which map would be played. For this same reason, the popularity disparity on Faceit is lower. Dust 2 also ranks higher with a 13.6% pick rate. Overpass makes an appearance with greater popularity on Faceit. This murky location is comparatively more balanced than Ancient and Nuke, which may be why Faceit players opt for it instead. 


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