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The most expensive Pokemon TCG cards from Crown Zenith

by | Jan 22, 2023

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Reading Time: 4 min.

Pokemon TCG players have been obsessing over the Crown Zenith expansion ever since it dropped on January 20, 2023. The set has some high-value cards that are sought after by the Pokemon community.

Crown Zenith is the final TCG expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield. It’s known as a High Class set, which means every pack includes at least one V, VMAX, or VSTAR. There is also a one in 600 chance that you’ll come across a “god pack,” which has an exclusive full art that can be combined with other full art cards to create a larger picture.

Crown Zenith packs can only be found within Elite Trainer Boxes and Special Collections, which means individual packs are not sold in stores. It’s no surprise that Crown Zenith has some very sought-after cards since they are stunning and tougher to come across than usual packs. Here are the most valuable cards found in the Crown Zenith expansion for Pokemon TCG players.

Most valuable Pokemon cards in Crown Zenith

The end of Generation 8 is officially upon Pokemon fans — but it’s going out with a bang. Crown Zenith is a High Class set that is full of exciting cards for collectors looking for something special.

The price of Pokemon cards fluctuates almost daily depending on the availability of cards and how viable they are in the competitive scene. The quality of the card itself is also an important factor, since most cards are not mint condition. If you grade a card, that will also change its value. But here are the general prices for the most sought-after cards in Crown Zenith.

This stunning gold-rimmed card features one of the most iconic Pokemon, Giratina. The VSTAR Power on the card, Star Requiem, is incredibly powerful in the right deck. This card currently has a market price of $140, but the median listing price is $200.

This is another breathtakingly beautiful card. Arceus looks more majestic than it ever has in this heavenly image. The art truly looks like it could be from an art museum. The market price is $116 and the median asking price is $162.

Mewtwo is one of the most popular Pokemon of all time, so it’s no surprise to see it on this list. Similarly to Charizard, a Mewtwo card with the right art can instantly become a collector’s item and highly desired due to the Pokemon being iconic. Featuring Mewtwo in an anime-style epic battle with Charizard, this card is currently worth $79. The median asking price on TCGPlayer is $95.

Looking straight out of a fantasy novel, this card has some of the most intense art you’ll ever see. The dark, stormy sky appears to be opening up above a valley, with Dialga staring down at the earth with unmatched fierceness. The VSTAR Power, Star Chronos, is quite interesting if used strategically, essentially guaranteeing a knockout and helping you stay ahead of your opponent. The market price is $72 and the average asking price is $80.

Palkia has never looked more heroic than in this Greek mythology-looking art. The golden sky and ground below has a royal richness that makes this card a must-have for any collector. The market price is $62 and the listed median is $80.

Pikachu Secret Rare (Base Set)

It’s no surprise to see Pikachu on a list of valuable cards. The mascot of Pokemon, Pikachu is a fan favorite that is the center of many collections. Adorable and bubbly, Pikachu cards are often vibrant and fun. This one has an exciting splash-like art style, featuring Pikachu leading the charge against a pastel background. Some of the most powerful Pokemon are featured behind him. The market price for this Pikachu card is $36, but the average asking price is $47.

Expect these prices to change over the next few weeks. But these cards will most likely remain the most desired thanks to their powerful abilities, beautiful art, and popular characters.

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