These are the biggest and most hated trolls in all of CSGO

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 25, 2022

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Trolls are an unfortunately common part of playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but a handful of jokesters have cemented themselves as part of CSGO history.

Normally trolls in CSGO just deserve a mute or in extreme cases a vote kick, but a handful of players have become famous for their mischievous natures. From spawning iconic memes to dominating the professional scene, there are a few players that fans just love to hate.

These four CSGO players have pushed beyond the limits of trolling to become living memes in and of themselves.

jOELZ is the ultimate online CSGO troll

For most CSGO players, the ultimate goal is to transfer their online skills into the real world at big-time LANs. But Joel “jOELZ” Aalto couldn’t care less.

The Finnish player is known for his incredible performance in online tournaments, but he also famously refuses to play on LAN. He’s had the opportunity to attend massive tournaments under big sponsorships but he simply chooses to decline. jOELZ most famously turned down a qualified trip to DreamHack Stockholm 2015, which was itself a qualifier for the $250,000 DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca.

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The most famous jOELZ moment was during a practice session for ENCE. According to statements from the organization, he abandoned a match mid-round in order to start cooking minced meat. The act may show a lack of dedication, but it’s also absolutely hilarious. His refusal to show up on LAN despite definitely having the skills for it makes jOELZ a hilarious CSGO troll.

LOLYOU is the origin of the DINOSOWER! tag

DINOSOWER! is one of the most famous clan tags in CSGO, created by LOLYOU. The montage master is famous for posting incredible frag movies from the earlier days of CSGO. From absurd wallbangs to incredible no scopes, LOLYOU quickly gained a reputation as an insane player.

His signature DINOSOWER! tag has since become synonymous with suspicious play, though LOLYOU himself has never been proven to cheat in any capacity.

LOLYOU is no longer very active in the CSGO community. Based on public statements, his career and health issues forced him to put frag movies on the backburner. While no longer the premier frag monster he once was, LOLYOUR still frequently appears on his wife’s stream playing everything from Half-Life to Minecraft.

No CSGO esports troll compares to JW

While not currently considered a top-tier player, there was a solid era where Jesper “JW” Wecksell was the scariest player in the CSGO pro scene. He possessed a unique combination of incredible flicks and outstanding movement, which created an aggressive style that has yet to be fully replicated.

JW had the uncanny ability to appear anywhere at any time, leading to some of the most insane picks in the history of the pro scene.

JW’s trolling nature continued outside the server as well. When fans mocked his appearance by comparing him to a pig, JW would respond by pushing his nose up and taunting his haters. His incredible bravado in-game and out was a major component of Fnatic’s dominant streak from 2014 to 2016.

Phoon is still too much for Counter-Strike

JW’s movement skills are impressive, but it’s nothing compared to the ultimate bunnyhop king. Phoon is one of the most infamous Counter-Strike players of all time thanks to his incredible bunnyhopping skills.

In addition to his movement mastery, he also makes a mean montage. Phoon’s most popular frag movie, “too much for zblock,” cemented him as one of the greatest trolls in the history of the Source engine.

Phoon’s video is easily one of the most influential videos in Counter-Strike history. “From ivy, out middle, through our connector!” and “admin he doing it sideways” have become full-blown memes in the community.

While such tricks aren’t possible in CSGO, Phoon has still inspired a new generation of trolls. His name has even become the de facto term for when players bounce on each others’ heads.


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