These are the best submissions for the CSGO 10 sticker contest

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 10, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The CSGO 10 sticker contest in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is almost over, and community artists have put their all into making some truly awesome submissions.

Valve may have a lot in the works to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CSGO, but the only thing fans know for sure is a new community-created sticker capsule. The contest wraps up on July 21, 2022, so many creators have already delivered their most polished submissions to the Steam Workshop. Here are five awesome stickers that may become available in-game as part of the CSGO 10 anniversary celebration. Remember to visit their Workshop pages and vote for their inclusion if you want to see these stickers in the CSGO 10 capsule.

The best sticker submissions for CS10 anniversary

First on our list is an amazing sticker from creator Miguli. Titled Stickerception, this design pokes fun at the sticker viewing screen built into CSGO. Even better, the skin actually comes with an animated effect that makes it tilt to match the player’s perspective. The artist used a clever holographic effect to make it work in-game.

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CS on the GO by catarinfissa and neimko is a reference to CSGO’s latest leap to the world of handhelds. The Steam Deck represents the cutting edge of gaming hardware from Valve, and many fans have enjoyed tinkering and testing CSGO on the mobile platform. Throw in the chicken dressed in a CSGO costume and this sticker has everything that CSGO 10 needs.

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The next sticker on our list of CSGO 10 submissions is a tribute to earlier days of the Counter-Strike franchise. CSGO community artists iamnooee and MADMACK teamed up to make Memory From 2003. This sticker puts the original box art of the first retail version of Counter-Strike front and center on whatever gun you like. The filter and unique wear makes it look like an old photograph from the glory days.

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As for stickers with gimmicks, the fourth potential CSGO 10 sticker to keep an eye on is Forever in my Heart by Kolotinskiy and Coba. The sticker starts out as a gushy message celebrating 10 years of CSGO in the shape of a heart. However, scratching it away quickly reveals a more intimidating message. The skin looks gorgeous in holo, but any of its variants could appear in the final capsule.

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Finally, it’s not a CSGO sticker competition unless there’s something for the game’s anime fans. The Bizzare T and Bizarre CT stickers by CiDDi and Nobel stand out thanks to their sharp line art and angular design. They’re both clearly a reference to popular anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Even for the anime haters, these stickers are sharp.

The CSGO 10 anniversary sticker contest ends on July 21, so fans have until then to vote for their favorite sticker designs. The best ones will be bundled together to celebrate a decade of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.