These are the best items and moves for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

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Blastoise has finally arrived in Pokemon Unite as the last of the three original starter Pokemon. Blastoise is already looking to be a popular pick in both ranked and standard matches, with tankiness and damage that shouldn’t be underestimated. 

As a ranged special attacker, one would think that Blastoise is a carry just like Charizard and Venusaur but that isn’t the case. Instead, Blastoise is considered a defender that can still deal plenty of damage when choosing the right items and moveset. 

To learn more about the newest addition to Pokemon Unite, here are a few tips on what items and moves to use when playing Blastoise. 

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Best Pokemon Unite build for Blastoise

Building Blastoise can be a bit tricky, as it is a defender but also a Pokemon that can carry a game if needed. This means that Blastoise can build for full defense and do well, but is also able to mix in some offensive items to remain a threat at all stages of the game. 

Most of the strongest items for Blastoise are also currently the strongest in general in the meta. There are plenty of other viable options such as Score Shield, Wise Glasses, and even Energy Amplifier, so it will require a few games on Blastoise to find a personal preference in items. 

Muscle Band: 

The first item to consider for Blastoise is also one of the strongest overall. Muscle Band has turned into a must-have for most Pokemon so far and provides Blastoise with a solid damage boost. Unless players want to go full defense with the water-type starter, Muscle Band is simply too strong to pass on. 

Buddy Barrier: 

An item that works very well with the playstyle and moves of Blastoise is Buddy Barrier. This item supports a teammate when using the Unite Move while giving Blastoise another shield to put on top of Hydro Typhoon. This item makes Blastoise extremely tanky when getting into melee range of a big team fight. 

Focus Band: 

To go alongside Muscle Band, Blastoise also wants the defensive version in Focus Band. This has also turned into one of the strongest items in the game for defensive Pokemon. Since Blastoise wants the best of both worlds, Focus Band is perfect to reduce incoming damage from opponents. 

The strongest battle item for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

Even though Blastoise is a new Pokemon that players will still need some time to figure out, it’s already clear that Eject Button is the best option when it comes to battle items. Until Eject Button gets a significant nerf, this will likely be the preferred option for pretty much everyone else in Pokemon Unite. As a defender, this gives Blastoise plenty of room to escape when dropping to low health or it can be used aggressively to pursue or initiate. 

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Choose these moves when playing Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

As Blastoise is still a very new Pokemon in the game, the absolute best moveset is still being discovered. So far, there are two ways to build Blastoise which focus on either Rapid Spin or Surf. Both moves have their own strengths and it’s unclear what the strongest is. All in all, both paths seem viable and will likely come down to personal preference for now. 

In this guide, we have chosen to put focus on the Rapid Spin build as it will be very versatile and likely the easiest to carry with in solo queue games. This build will require some patience and a few games to get used to, but will also let Blastoise have a huge impact across the map.  

Water Gun (level one): 

To get off to a quick and strong start, Blastoise wants Water Gun at level one. This provides enough damage to take down the early wild Pokemon and also help out with a displacement and slow when the first trades against opponents start. 

Hydro Pump (level five): 

At level five, Blastoise gets the chance to pick either Hydro Pump or Water Spout. Both are solid options, but Hydro Pump will be the best for instant damage and newer players. Water Spout is good for AOE damage but takes a bit more time to provide value. 

Rapid Spin (level seven): 

At level seven, it’s up to the player whether they want to go the Rapid Spin route for consistent damage output or with Surf for its extra mobility and burst. For now, the recommended move is Rapid Spin, which allows Blastoise to dish out damage to all targets around it. While charging Rapid Spin, Blastoise will also get increased movement speed which can set up some great engages and combos. 

Hydro Typhoon (Unite Move): 

Last is Blastoise’s Unite Move, which will be the most impactful move of them all. Just like many other Unite Moves in the game, this is what can make or break a team fight for Blastoise. Hydro Typhoon has Blastoise spout water in a circle which will knock up all enemies hit. This isn’t just for crowd control, as it can do a considerable amount of damage as well. If Hydro Typhoon hits several enemies, this is the move that can decide a game on its own.