These are the best champions for Nexus Blitz in LoL season 11

By Christian Vejvad


Jun 21, 2021

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Nexus Blitz has returned to League of Legends during the PROJECT: Bastion event, and some champions are performing better than others in the action-packed game mode. 

With only a little time left in Nexus Blitz, players have to grind some last games before the game mode will once again retire. While Riot will likely bring Nexus Blitz back at some point, it’s unknown how long it will be until then. Therefore, players will have to enjoy the time during the last week of Nexus Blitz and potentially pull out some of the strongest champions to increase their win rate. 

Here are some of the best champions for Nexus Blitz in season 11. 

The new Dr. Mundo is crushing Nexus Blitz

One of the champions that really shines in Nexus Blitz is the newly updated Dr. Mundo. After his recent VGU update, Mundo has become a beast on both Summoner’s Rift and other game modes. In Nexus Blitz, he is a hard tank to deal with that can easily run down squishy targets before they get to do any real damage. 

On Summoner’s Rift, Mundo is currently fielding a solid 49.43% win rate in the top lane. This is by all means a solid win rate for a champion that was recently updated, even with his very high pick rate. His strength on Summoner’s Rift is reflected in Nexus Blitz, where his win rate is at 50.54% according to

While his win rate isn’t one of the highest, Mundo should still be considered a top-tier pick in the game mode. If played correctly, Mundo will be one of the scariest champions to face and is likely see higher win rates as players adjust to his updated kit.  

Dr. Mundo

Jinx is the perfect hyper carry for Nexus Blitz

From one of the strongest tanks to one of the best hyper carries in Nexus Blitz. Jinx is currently looking like the hottest hyper carry in the game mode and can completely take over a game if given the right help from her teammates.

Having Jinx in the bot lane will secure every team in Nexus Blitz a solid win condition. Jinx will be a bit weak in the first couple of levels but will quickly ramp up as the game goes on. Because of the fast pace in Nexus Blitz, Jinx will quickly get two or three items and become a real threat. If the opponent doesn’t have the tools to shut down a marksman like Jinx, the Loose Cannon will quickly be able to take over. 

While Jinx is currently a solid pick in general, her win rate is through the roof in Nexus Blitz. With a 51.70% win rate across 67,000 games tracked, there is no doubt that Jinx will be a great option for a team’s marksman. 

Ziggs will help a team push to victory 

A champion that has always done well in Nexus Blitz is Ziggs, and this time is no exception. The Explosive Expert is currently fielding one of the highest win rates in Nexus Blitz at 55.17%, and it’s with good reason. Ziggs is a great champion in all states of the game mode, as he will dish out poke and wave clear right from the first minutes. 

Even though Ziggs is a squishy and immobile champion, that usually doesn’t matter in Nexus Blitz. Because of the small map layout, Ziggs has the perfect kit to bombard opponents with damage. The biggest strength of Ziggs is his Mega Inferno Bomb (R), which can fly across most of the map without Ziggs having to move that much. This means that Ziggs can have an impact in pretty much every fight or skirmish despite being far away. 

The second big strength of Ziggs is his ability to push down turrets. With Satchel Charge (W) executing turrets, Ziggs and his team can push down a lane in no seconds and secure a quick victory.

Hextech Ziggs

Yone is a strong playmaker in Nexus Blitz

It wouldn’t be a real list without a champion for all assassin lovers. As with any other fast-paced game mode, assassins with a lot of playmaking tools will perform very well. This is something Yone has plenty of, which is why he is a scary champion in Nexus Blitz if played by an experienced player. 

Yone currently has a 51.28% win rate in Nexus Blitz with over 118,000 games tracked. This makes Yone the seventh-most popular champion in the game mode, and rightfully so. His explosive kit makes him fun to play and allows him to have a big impact in almost every fight. Alongside Yone are both Yasuo and Viego, who also have high win and pick rates. 

The reason why a champion like Yone is great in Nexus Blitz is because of the fast-paced gameplay and his ability to make plays happen on his own. A champion like Yone doesn’t need a team to set him up, as he can easily engage in skirmishes on his own and come out on top.  Yone also performs well in most of the mini-games occurring on the map. 

Nexus Blitz will remain in the game until June 29 when the ongoing PROJECT event will end. It’s unknown when Nexus Blitz will next return.


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