Riot reveals complete Dr. Mundo rework, release date revealed

By Christian Vejvad


May 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The highly anticipated Dr. Mundo VGU is finally landing in League of Legends with patch 11.12.

After a long wait, fans now have access to the complete Dr. Mundo VGU which will be available for testing on the upcoming Public Beta Environment (PBE) patch. After testing is done, the Madman of Zaun will be available on live servers with a new look and updated abilities. The abilities will include a brand new passive and updates to make his current abilities more suited for the current state of the game.    

According to Riot Games, the main goal of Dr. Mundo was to get him up to speed with the modern look of League of Legends while keeping his theme intact. This will see the visual effects of his abilities change while still keeping his overall aesthetic intact. 

Here are Dr. Mundo’s new abilities

Passive – Goes Where He Pleases

Dr. Mundo has increased health regen and resists the next debuff that changes his ability to move. He instead loses health and drops a chemical canister in an AOE around himself. Dr. Mundo can then recover some health and lower the cooldown of the ability by picking it up.  

Q – Infected Bonesaw

Dr. Mundo hurls his cleaver and deals magical damage to the first enemy it hits and slows them.  

W – Heart Zapper

Dr. Mundo deals magical damage in an AOE while converting some damage he takes into gray health. Dr. Mundo then unleashes a burst of magical damage to all nearby enemies and heals his gray health if he hits an enemy.  

E – Blunt Force Trauma

Blunt Force Trauma has a passive that gives bonus attack damage that increases based on how damaged Dr. Mundo is. Its active sees the champion slam his bag onto an enemy, dealing physical damage that increases based on how damaged he is. If an enemy is killed with this ability, they are sent flying and deal damage to any enemy they pass through. 

R – Maximum Dosage

Dr. Mundo heals himself, and gains increased health regeneration, movement speed, and attack damage for a time. 

When is the Dr. Mundo update releasing? 

As promised by Riot, the new Mundo update will be live on the servers with patch 11.12, which is currently scheduled for June 9. This gives players around two weeks to test out the new Dr. Mundo on the PBE to report bugs and give feedback. 


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