These are all the wisp locations in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

By Steven Rondina


Feb 7, 2022

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Tracking down the location of every wisp in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a hassle, but it’s a necessary step for completing the Pokedex. And we can make it easier for you.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus centers around several open areas for players to explore. Though it doesn’t go fully into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild territory with its open-world elements, the game borrows some features from the game. Among them is the Korok Seed, an item that players collect in Breath of the Wild by completing various quick challenges or reaching isolated and otherwise interesting places on the map. Instead of Korok Seeds, Pokemon Legends: Arceus has wisps.

The little purple flames that represent wisps are dotted across hidden, isolated, and out-of-the-way areas across each of the game’s regions. The good news is that instead of receiving a literal piece of poop for collecting all of them, Pokemon Legends: Arceus players will receive the intimidating Spiritomb and an assortment of rare items.

There are 107 wisps in total and tracking all of them down is tricky. Players will naturally find some as they progress through the game, but others will be tough to find. These are all the wisp locations in Pokemon Legends: Arceus and what they get you.

Spiritomb can spawn after locating all wisps in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Spiritomb is obtained by finding all 107 wisps in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

After obtaining all 107 wisps and speaking with Vessa, the player is tasked with visiting a massive stone statue along the northern peaks of the Crimson Mirelands. After visiting there, the player can interact with the statue. This prompts a cutscene that spawns a Spiritomb on the field. The player can then initiate a battle with Spiritomb, offering up the chance to catch it.

Spiritomb remains an interesting Pokemon and a particularly troublesome one for opponents that aren’t ready for its ghost-dark typing. It has immunity to psychic, fighting, and normal moves, and its sole weakness is to fairy attacks.

After collecting all the wisps and catching the Spiritomb from the quest, there’s an extremely rare chance for Spiritomb to spawn in front of the massive keystone statue again at night. There is about a 0.9% chance of a Spiritomb spawning in front of the keystone, and a 0.4% chance of an Alpha Spiritomb in most weathers. This spawn will usually be either Ralts, Kirlia, Ghastly, or Haunter.

Because they have such a rare chance to spawn, it’s not suggested to grind for them. So if a mass outbreak of Spiritombs occurs, the player ought to consider themselves very lucky.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus wisps rewards

Players can get a variety of rewards alongside Spiritomb for collecting all the wisps. The complete list of rewards includes:

5Oval Stone
10Rare Candy
20Seed of Mastery
30Dusk Stone
40EXP Candy L
50Linking Cord
60Five Grit Pebbles
70Reaper Cloth
80Three Seeds of Mastery
90Three EXP Candy XL
100Three Grit Rocks

These rewards can be had by talking with Vessa in Jubilife Village. She can be found at any time of day standing by a tree along the river. Vessa can also tell the player how many wisps are left in an area at any given time.

Jubilife Village wisp locations

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Obsidian Fieldlands wisp locations

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Crimson Mirelands wisp locations

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Cobalt Coastlands wisp locations

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Coronet Highlands wisp locations

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While most of the wisps are found outside in the Coronet Highlands, it’s worth noting that two are found in enclosed areas that separate them from the larger world. First, the Wayward Cave has one wisp in an area that can be accessed by swimming down a stream with Basculegion. Secondly, in underground Ancient Quarry is a pair of blocks stacked on top of one another with a wisp on top.

Alabaster Icelands wisp locations

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As with the Coronet Highlands, there are multiple wisps in enclosed locations in the Alabaster Icelands. A single wisp can be found down a dead-end hallway in Snowpoint Temple. There is also one wisp in the same network of underground caves as the icy rock. It’s in a circular area with a Hisuian Zorua along the back wall.