These are all the character classes in MultiVersus so far 

Fariha Bhatti • July 21, 2022 3:56 pm

MultiVersus is bringing iconic characters from various Warner Bros. franchises to create the wildest brawler of 2022. Each character is unique and classes may help make better picks. 

Warner Bros.’ MultiVersus brings fierce fictional characters to life in an platform fighter packed with fun and madness. Imagine fighting against your favorite villain or superhero with the help of some of the most influential cartoon characters. All of this is possible in MultiVersus, which pits iconic heroes and villains against each other in a fight for supremacy. 

While all heroes in MultiVersus are mighty, they’re not all created equal. Players can pick a character based on their personal playstyle. To do that, you must understand the character classes in MultiVersus. 

What are all the character classes in MultiVersus? 

character classes in MultiVersus

So far, MultiVersus has 16 playable characters divided into five categories. Here’s what each character class in MultiVersus entails. 

  • Assassin
  • Bruiser
  • Mage
  • Support
  • Tank


Assassins are vicious heroes, focused on dealing massive damage to their opponents. They’re agile, ferocious, and equipped with heavy-duty weapons like swords and bats. So far, this class has three characters designed to overwhelm enemies. 

  • Arya Stark
  • Harley Quinn
  • Finn the Human


Bruisers are as deadly as Assassins, if not more. Characters in this class have all the no-nonsense abilities required to tenderize enemies quickly. From Batman to Shaggy, all Bruisers rely on their physical capabilities to batter their opponents. 

  • Batman
  • Shaddy
  • Garnet
  • Taz
  • Jake the dog


Unlike other attackers, Mage characters like to keep their distance while dealing damage. They have dozens of tricks and schemes up their sleeves, making them impossible to catch. Mage characters utilize area and distance to beat enemies. 

  • Buggs Bunny
  • Tom and Jerry


As evident from the name, support characters provide healing, back up, and assist the aggressive teammates in tenderizing the opponent. They may skirt from action, but their kit is crucial in shutting down enemies’ tricks. 

  • Velma
  • Reindog
  • Steven Universe

What are the tank characters in MultiVersus? 

Iron Giant in MultiVersus

There are currently three tank characters in MultiVersus. All superheroes in the tank category are mighty powerful with heavy-duty shields. They are all-rounders with balanced attacking abilities and support options. 

  • Superman
  • The Iron Giant
  • Wonder Woman

These are all the characters officially announced so far. Each character has a unique moveset with different powers. Players can pick their hero based on character classes in MultiVersus to gain an edge over the enemies. The developers have promised that more personalities will be added once the game is out of beta.


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