These 3 smokes on Tuscan are easy to learn, extremely powerful

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 25, 2022

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Tuscan is a smash hit in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but smokes are the first thing to learn seriously with any new map.

Players who started playing Counter-Strike with Global Offensive may not be familiar with Tuscan, a classic from previous installments in the series. The map was extremely popular in the Source days and is fondly remembered by veteran players. Now the map has returned with a splash, and it makes a strong case for entering the Active Duty map pool. If you plan to keep grinding Tuscan, here are three easy smokes to take your game to the next level.

This lineup smokes CTs off from Tuscan A site

The first thing any Tuscan player should learn is how to use smokes on A site. The narrow passageways are easy to exploit and one well-placed smoke can have a serious impact. After getting a foothold, players can cut the entire site in half with a single forgiving smoke. After clearing the alcove on the left, wedge into the corner of the stone wall. Aim for the corner of the blue box close to site. A simple left click toss sets up an immensely valuable smokescreen.

Tuscan A site smokes lineup

This grenade is extremely valuable, and probably the most important to learn when tackling Tuscan. It divides the A site in half with very little counterplay aside from recklessly repositioning. It also helps cut off B-site rotations. Most importantly, this smoke is easy to line up and fairly forgiving. Many starting positions close to the corner result in a peek-proof smoke cloud.

Tuscan A site smokes lineup

Trap Ts with this fast connector smoke on Tuscan

Getting smokes out on A site sucks, so give the Ts a taste of their own medicine with this quick and easy lineup to smoke off connector. After repelling an attack, cut off their escape by backing into the stone corner closest to CT spawn. Grab the smoke and aim at the small rampart on the lower castle wall. The left side of the dark part in the middle produces the best results, but the lineup doesn’t have to be perfect. Activate your jump throw bind and cut off their retreat.

Tuscan connector smokes lineup

All of these Tuscan smokes are easy to pull off in real matches, but this one is the most complicated. It requires an exposed lineup but connector’s small width means an imperfect smoke can still create an airtight seal. This prevents any Ts from quickly rotating towards B without serious risk. Forcing them to go around the whole map buys a ton of time for your team. Just make sure A site is clear before whipping this one out.

Tuscan connector smokes

Tuscan B exists, so here’s a smoke for it too

A site is the designated party zone on Tuscan, but on the off chance you plan to rush B site, we have a smoke for that too. This smoke is designed to block off the lower entrance close to CT site. Navigate to the door in lower B labeled “Camere Rooms” and wedge yourself into the nearby corner. Aim at the street lamp centering the crosshair on the end of its post, as seen below.

Blog post image

This smoke is easy to use and makes taking B site much safer. It blocks off a tricky line of sight and a crucial rotate option for CTs holding A. AWPers love to hold this sightline, so flushing them out makes the approach much safer. Like the other smokes, this one doesn’t have to be exact. No need to line it up with a scope. Anything close to the base of the lamp will work.

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