PokeRogue worst Pokemon

The worst Pokemon in PokeRogue

By Olivia Richman


Jul 4, 2024

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PokeRogue is heavily inspired by Pokemon, having you catch and fight Pokemon, although it’s done a bit differently in this level-focused browser game. Just like the mainline games, some Pokemon are better than others.

Recently, PokeRogue players debated some of the worst Pokemon in the game. Here are some of the Pokemon that were mentioned so you can avoid putting them onto your team as you climb floors.

Worst Pokemon to use in PokeRogue

The following Pokemon have potential to be good in the right hands and with the right moves and strategies. But here are the Pokemon that have been named the most while PokeRogue players discussed underwhelming monsters on their team.

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  • Nidoqueen – Not the best accuracy and not reliable
  • Palafin – Disappointing in Endless since random area changes will cancel its form change
  • Talonflame – Suffers from recoil damage that can be a bit tricky to deal with
  • Gible – The earlier evolutions are just not great and it takes a while to get to the better evolutions
  • Galarian Stunfisk – It doesn’t learn a lot of impactful moves and its passive is only good in very specific scenarios
  • Zamazenta – Players feel it’s only good with Body Press but if it doesn’t get this as its learned Egg Move, Zamazenta feels useless to many
  • Gholdengo – Takes way too long to learn moves so it barely seems to do meaningful damage at all until then
  • Ash Greninja – Its special doesn’t seem to work as intended, making it a struggle to use

Other Pokemon like Gumshoose were mentioned but these ‘mon had a bit more debate over if they were good or not. Some found them upsetting to use while others had a great time with them on their team.

In general, every Pokemon has potential in the right hands and with the right moves and items. Still, some are easier to use than others or take less to be successful in battle. You’ll have to find out for yourself which Pokemon you like having on your team as you discover your own playstyle and strategy.


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