The Sims movie

The Sims movie is a thing, here’s what we know

By Olivia Richman


Mar 21, 2024

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The Sims movie has been confirmed.

Entertainment insider and journalist Jeff Sneider recently revealed that the popular social simulation game The Sims is getting a live-action movie. This coincides with the hype surrounding the upcoming The Sims 5 game, a long-awaited sequel that’s been shrouded in a bit of mystery.

When is The Sims movie coming out?

There is still no release date for The Sims movie. It’s been reported that it hasn’t even been picked up by a studio yet. With the movie still in its early stages, it probably won’t be any time soon.

Who is directing The Sims movie?

Sneider recently revealed that actress Margot Robbie is going to be producing the Sims-based film. The writer and director of the film is said to be Kate Herron, who directed Loki.

While Robbie is largely known for her acting, including starring in Barbie, she is no stranger to producing media. This includes the Netflix miniseries Maid.

Who is starring in The Sims movie?

Right now there has been no news on any actors or actresses taking on roles in The Sims movie. It’s not even clear if Robbie will spend any time in front of the camera or if she will strictly remain the producer.

What is the plot of The Sims movie?

No story has been shared or revealed just yet.

The movie will be based on the popular simulation series The Sims, which allows gamers to control a household of all ages. From raising children to learning new hobbies to creating intricate dungeons for Sims based on ex-lovers, the games provide endless possibilities for gamers.

Still, what would the plot be of a movie inspired by a game where you just live your everyday life? There is actually lore behind the game, however, and it’s very, very deep. There are recurring characters and cannon events that are quite out there.

We expect The Sims movie to focus on the simulation aspect, however, possibly exploring the concept of a family being controlled by a mysterious entity or just taking funny details from The Sims, like removing ladders from the pool and other popular antics.


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