The Rio Major platinum coin is one of CSGO’s rarest items

Kenneth Williams • November 17, 2022 5:13 pm

The Rio Major platinum coin can’t be traded or listed on the Steam market, but if it could, it would fetch quite a hefty price.

Platinum Major coins are the ultimate way to show off knowledge of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports scene. To earn one, players must accurately predict the outcomes of all three stages of an official Valve-hosted major. They wax and wane in rarity from tournament to tournament, and while the Stockholm platinum isn’t too hard to find, the platinum coin for the Rio Major platinum is among the very rarest in the game.

Russian CSGO server hosting service Cybershoke has analyzed the inventories of 40,000 players to roughly determine the rarities of different coins. It discovered that Rio Major platinum was awarded to only 0.1025% of players who participated in pick’ems. These few fans accurately guessed the outcome of more than 50% of the bracket including a surprising championship from Outsiders. They also got three souvenir tokens for their troubles. 

Gold is also exceedingly rare at just over 5% of those 40,000 players. Players who followed’s picks for the tournament fell into this elite category, though the playoffs bracket ultimately eluded us. However, the playoffs weren’t the only test. More than half of all players were locked out of platinum in the second stage of the tournament.

Rio Major legends broke most platinum coin dreams

In addition to the highly unpredictable playoffs, the legends stage also cost most of the CSGO community a free souvenir case. Cybershoke also reports that the majority of players locked themselves off from a Rio Major platinum coin in the legends stage.

Fifty-one percent of the sampled players did not correctly guess five of the advancing teams. However, there is a chance that some of those players actually did predict an Outsiders championship, giving them a shot at gold. Between the constant stream of upsets and unexpected champion, it’s no surprise that only one in 1,000 players earned the top reward.


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