The noob blue gem karambit has sold for $169,000

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 13, 2023

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The CSGO skin community went nuts after a total noob unboxed a blue gem karambit, and it’s finally sold for an insane price.

Whenever a CSGO player opens a case, there’s always the slight hope of unboxing something insane like an M9 black pearl or pristine Vice gloves. However, the odds of actually getting anything good are slim, and the pinnacles of CSGO skins are rare for a reason. It often takes hundreds of cases to open just a simple knife, but one brand new player named yurr69 hit the luck of the draw with their cases, opening a gorgeous blue gem karambit with less than 40 hours of playtime. It’s now been sold for an insane price.

The unboxing was highly publicized, with the owner speaking with multiple skin experts including ohnePixel, on what to do with his knife. After a week of deliberation, the lucky noob decided to sell the blue gem karambit to an avid collector for the insane price of $169,000. The price was later publicized by gaming personality Jake Lucky through social media.

The buyer is still not known, as the trade has yet to be finalized. It appears that yurr69 moved the knife to an in-game storage container, so it no longer appears on his profile. However, he still owns it, according to the CSGO skin database FloatDB. Considering the growing hype for CS2 and the recent trend of insane skin deals, it’s likely that the blue gem Karambit’s new owner is far from a noob to the skins game.

The noob blue gem is the 12th perfect karambit ever

As for why the skin sold for so much money, it comes down to its insane pattern and rarity.

The karambit blue gem has technically been available to open in CSGO for the longest of any knife. It was first added in the original CSGO Weapon Case, but only a small handful have ever been opened. Pattern 387 has the most visible blue on the play side of any possible pattern, and ond only nine have ever been unboxed. Three have allegedly been duped, but the newest one is completely clean, with a field-tested float value of 0.32597.


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