The most popular streamers on Twitch are speedrunning Minecraft

Olivia Richman • March 21, 2021 2:07 am

As streaming continues to grow, content creators are finding creative ways to stand out on Twitch. This includes dabbling in such popular games as chess, Among Us, Rust, and Minecraft. 

Minecraft speedrunning became quite popular in 2020 thanks to YouTubers such as Destiny. It was entertaining for many fans to watch these big personalities race for world records. But when Destiny was accused of cheating in a Minecraft speedrun, it brought the niche esport even more to the forefront of the gaming world. 

While Destiny has denied those allegations, it seems that his biggest worry now is keeping up with big-name streamers who have jumped on the bandwagon. Two of the most popular streamers in the world, Sebastian “Forsen” Fors and Felix “xQc” Lengyel, have decided to tackle the race against the clock, resulting in an ongoing rivalry that’s taken the streaming community by storm. 

xQc beats Forsen’s Minecraft speedrun record

In mid-Feruary, Forsen was the current record holder for Minecraft 1.16 among the two popular Twitch streamers. He had defeated the Ender Dragon and completed the game the quickest, boasting an impressive 26 minute and 36 second completion time. That was just three days after xQc had posted a time of 27 minutes and 42 seconds, meaning Forsen had taken him down by better than a minute. 

Fans speculated that xQc would need some time to beat that run, but the streamer actually took back his crown that exact same day. The former Overwatch League pro livestreamed a speedrun that was just 25 minutes and 37 seconds in length, shaving off yet another minute. 

“Against all odds! All the odds! Fuck yes, baby!” exclaimed a pumped up xQc. “Suck my balls, Forsen!” 

While xQc’s impressive run not only beat Forsen, it’s nowhere near the time set by the top Minecraft players in the world. At the time, the current record for the fastest glitchless speedrun with random seed was just under 15 minutes. But the two streamers don’t have that on their radar. All they want to do is beat each other. 

Forsen takes back the Minecraft speedrun crown from xQc

In early March, Forsen finally beat xQc’s respectable run. The new Minecraft speedrun took Forsen less than 23 minutes. This shaved off yet another minute from the pair’s competitive record, which is a lot when it comes to speedrunning categories in which every second counts. The 22 minute and 56 second run is now the one to beat. 

“So easy, man. It’s so easy,” Forsen said after the run. “You guys actually think I would lose to xQc? Really? You are fucking delusional.” 

Even though they are still far away from the 13-minute world record speedrun, Forsen and xQc have continued to improve in Minecraft exponentially. It’s entirely possible that xQc will come back and beat this latest record time, bringing the pair even closer to the world’s best Minecraft speedrun. 


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