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The most popular Overwatch 2 heroes in 2022

By Olivia Richman


Dec 29, 2022

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Overwatch 2 has a growing roster of heroes with the addition of Junker Queen, Kiriko, and Ramattra. But some heroes are more popular than others.

The meta has continued to change in Overwatch 2 thanks to the new 5v5 composition. With only one mobile tank per team, the meta has become a lot more aggressive rather than defensive. Some heroes have adapted to this playstyle thanks to updated kits and various tuning. But other heroes have proven less effective in this scenario, causing them to get picked less.

Overbuff has continued to keep track of hero pick rates and has some interesting data going into 2023.

Overwatch 2 hero pick rates going into 2023

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Of course, pick rate isn’t always an indicator of a hero’s skill and capabilities. For example, Ana is the most popular hero, with a 8.93% pick rate, but she doesn’t have the highest win rate. This is most likely due to varying skill levels, since Ana thrives in higher ranks but doesn’t see as much success in lower ranks.

Despite being the newest and shiniest hero, Ramattra has the lowest pick rate. His pick rate is 0.81%, which is quite low. This is most likely due to players sticking with their mains in competitive play instead of learning a new hero.

Check out the full list here:

#1Ana Support8.93%
#2Kiriko Support8.17%
#3Mercy Support5.81%
#4Moira Support4.87%
#5Genji Damage4.63%
#6Lucio Support4%
#7Sojourn Damage3.83%
#8Zenyatta Support3.56%
#9Cassidy Damage3.50%
#10Soldier 76 Damage3.45%
#11Reinhardt Tank3.39%
#12Roadhog Tank2.96%
#13Widowmaker Damage2.92%
#14Hanzo Damage2.91%
#15Zarya Tank2.76%
#16D.VA Tank2.73%
#17Junkrat Damage2.60%
#18Orisa Tank2.45%
#19Baptiste Support2.43%
#20Ashe Damage2.32%
#21Reaper Damage2.30%
#22Tracer Damage1.98%
#23Pharah Damage1.96%
#24Winston Tank1.90%
#25Doomfist Tank1.76%
#26Sigma Tank1.64%
#27Junker Queen Tank1.55%
#28Brigitte Support1.50%
#29Sombra Damage1.34%
#30Bastion Damage1.33%
#31Torbjorn Damage1.23%
#32Mei Damage1.19%
#33Symmetra Damage1.07%
#34Echo Tank0.90%
#35Wrecking Ball Tank0.89%
#36Ramattra Tank0.81%
Data via Overbuff


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