The best and most iconic crab Pokemon in the history of crabs

By Olivia Richman


Aug 11, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Ever heard of carcinization? If not, you’re missing out. Basically, everything is evolving into crabs. Their design is just superior, apparently, and nobody can escape that fate. Not even Pokemon, as there have been an abundance of crab Pokemon over the years.

Crabs are strangely popular in the enduring RPG series, but not all crabs are created equal. Here are some of the best crab Pokemon from over the years.


This crustacean is baby blue with light gray legs and one huge pinchy claw that is the size of its head. It’s a pure water type and can learn a handful, or clawful, of good moves but Clauncher is not the greatest Pokemon crab out there.



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This is one marvelous crab. Similar to a hermit crab, Crustle carries its giant rock home on its back. This rock Pokemon has incredible defense but is a bit slow. Still, look at the size of this crab. His pincers alone are six feet.



A crab icon, Kabuto is the epitome of what it means to be a crab. Its one of the oldest Pokemon in the series, revived from a fossil. This ancient being is similar to the all-important horseshoe crab but a splash of trilobite and glowing red eyes. Kabuto is proof that the crab’s design is timeless and will never go away.



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This crab is bug and grass dual-type. The gen-one Pokemon is a classic, not only because it used to be quite dominant back in the day but due to its psychedelic design. Parasect’s shell looks like a large magic mushroom and his eyes look like he may be on a trip, or might just actually be dead. There are loads of creepy Pokedex entries surrounding this Pokemon that make it one to avoid thinking much about.



Similar to Larry in Spongebob, this crabby creature looks ready to beat someone up. It has a spiky “haircut,” a permanent black eye, and big, meaty claws that look like boxing gloves. This crab is not a Pokemon you should mess with, in any sense.



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Now this is a crab. Kingler looks basically exactly like a crab but stronger. It’s a powerful water type that even has a Gigantamax form in Pokemon Sword and Shield, which turns it into a terrifying snow crab. This form gives him massive pincers and a majestic beard that embodies what it means to be a crab. Kingler may look sort of tasty but good luck messing with this spiky boy.



Krabby is a classic. When you think “crab Pokemon” this is what you think of. It’s small, cute, and sassy, Krabby is a generation-one that is just perfect and served as a fun complement to Ash and company in the anime. At least, it did whenever it got some screen time.