The lore for new LoL champ Renata has been revealed

By Nicholas James


Feb 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

People hungry for the lore behind upcoming League of Legends champion Renata can now be satisfied.

The backstory for Riot Games’ new dark support has been revealed. Aspiring Renata players now have all the info they need to know if the character is worth maining, while players looking to pinch blue essence now have a bit more info to work with.

Renata Glasc is a Chem-Baroness and corporate magnate in Zaun. She is the founder of Glasc Industries, a massive corporation that produces weaponry, prosthetics, and beauty products. Her products all hide a secret Chemtech formula that allows Renata to easily manipulate users.

What is Renata’s lore?

Renata Glasc was not always wealthy and was born to two Zaunite doctors who cared more for the health of their patients than the wealth in their pockets. As Renata got older, she convinced her parents that they could continue their charitable efforts if they charged a premium to Zaun’s richest citizens. With the Glascs’ generosity being extolled by their patrons to Zaun’s elite, they could line their pockets with enough money to better provide for their family and business.

Renata’s plan was a success, and the Glascs prospered. However, her parents put most of the money into a unique Chemtech formula that surpassed any other variant. It was inevitable that news of the Glascs made their way to Piltover, where the powerful ruling families felt their income from up-charging Zaunite medical products and services was in danger.

The families sent a group of Enforcers to solve the problem, and Renata’s parents were murdered and her family home burned to the ground. Renata escaped with the Chemtech formula, but lost an arm and gained an appreciation for the cruelty of the topsiders. As she grew up, Renata founded Glasc Industries which grew to become a powerhouse of Zaunite industry, and Renata was elevated to the prestigious and infamous office of Chem-Baroness.

In the current-day canon, Renata Glasc uses her parents’ Chemtech formula to manipulate and enchant her victims, spreading her influence far and wide. With Chemtech dispersion systems hidden in all her products, including some owned by Piltover’s wealthy elite, she’s positioned to one day take over control of both cities.


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