Renata abilities revealed, forces enemies to attack teammates

By Nicholas James


Feb 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The abilities for new League of Legends champion Renata have been revealed, and they’re absolutely wild.

Renata is a dark enchantress, meant to bring a more sinister tone to the support role. Renata’s kit includes several effects that some fans thought they’d never see, including forcing enemies to attack their teammates.

Renata has Chemtech Drake soul in a basic ability

Renata Glasc the chembaroness was officially announced on February 1. In her reveal trailer, Renata’s abilities seem to match leaks from late January, including some unbelievable new abilities. While the names aren’t revealed in the video, the leaks from the previous month did include names, which will be used here.

Renata’s passive is Leverage, her auto-attacks mark enemies and allies’ auto-attacks can consume the mark for extra damage. Her Q is a missile that locks down an enemy and then shoves them sideways, similar to Taliyah’s Seismic Shove in many ways.

Her W has garnered a lot of attention already, granting bonus movement speed and attack speed to an ally as they begin burning to death. If the ally dies during the ability duration, they seem to be brought back to life. This could be an incredibly frustrating ability for opponents, especially given how closely it resembles the removed Chemtech Drake’s dragon soul effect that has been disabled by Riot.

Her E is a modular AoE missile ability that slows enemies. It can be used in an area around Renata or charged up to be fired at long range.

Is Renata’s ultimate the most controversial ability in LoL?

Renata’s ultimate is the show stealer, utilizing an ability many fans thought they’d never see. In the video, Renata sends out a wave of Chemtech into three chasing enemies. In both the video and the alleged leaks, Renata forces the enemy champions to begin auto-attacking one another. In another segment, she turns a Camille against her allies mid-dive and kills two of them in the resulting fray.

This ability brings in the possibility of being killed by your own carry teammate when playing against Renata, which could be a very frustrating experience. Her kit seems very powerful, with a real opportunity for her to become one of the strongest support champions.


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