The fourth 32-0 victory ever was just recorded in pro CSGO

By Kenneth Williams


May 29, 2021

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Losing 16-0 is a humiliating rite of passage for most CSGO players, but a 32-0 loss in a professional tournament is another level of pain. 

That’s exactly what Dire Wolves gave to Overperformers in a group stage match at ESEA Premier Season 37 Australia. The perfect victory took place early in the round-robin group stage, giving Dire Wolves an equally flawless 4-0 record. The match was only the fourth double 16-0 in the history of pro and semi-pro CSGO.

AWPer Euan “sterling” Moore performed exceptionally well across both games with 42 kills to 17 deaths. A constant round and economic advantage helped him earn 128.2 damage per round, nearly triple the ADR of Overperformers’ Darcy “Mr Shark” Clarke. sterling played for Grayhound Gaming and Avant Gaming before joining Dire Wolves.

Overperformers currently sits at a 1-3 record in the preliminaries. HLTV currently ranks the squad at #153 among pro CSGO teams. Dire Wolves sits a good distance above at #83. Overperformers still has five matches left to bounce back from the crushing defeat. A 0-32 loss certainly contradicts the squad’s name, though.

16-0 maps are rare in Counter-Strike, but 32-0 matches are even more so. The last 32-0 before Dire Wolves vs Overperformers was in 2018, when Dream Chaser destroyed BKO potata aim in the WESG Laos Regional Finals back when Cache was still in the map pool. 

18 teams are competing in ESEA Premier Season 37 Australia. The event will continue until June 27. The worst performing teams will be relegated back to ESEA Open, a fate Overperformers hopes to avoid.
Renegades are the favorites to win the season. They ended 2020 with nine consecutive championships between March and December, earning $90,227 in prize money. Renegades have only competed in two events in 2021. 


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