The Elder Scrolls 6

The Elder Scrolls 6 is far, far away

By Olivia Richman


Aug 25, 2023

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Starfield has been the talk of the gaming world for the past few months, but Bethesda also had time recently to talk about some of its other projects, including The Elder Scrolls 6. But you may not like what you hear.

It’s been over 10 years since Skyrim came out, the fantasy open-world RPG that has continued to be the source of endless memes, clips, and inspiration for other games. Since then, The Elder Scrolls 6 has been highly anticipated after it was announced in 2018.

Unfortunately for fantasy fans, not much was really said about the game since it was revealed. Finally, Todd Howard decided to give fans an update on The Elder Scrolls 6, but it’s probably something anxious fans wished they didn’t hear.

When is Elder Scrolls 6 coming out?

Howard did an interview with iconic men’s magazine GQ ahead of Starfield’s September release. During the Q&A, Sam White also asked Howard about The Elder Scrolls 6, something that’s been on many minds for the past few years.

In the interview, it was revealed in so many words that the game won’t be finished until 2028 at the earliest.

When asked about retirement, White mentioned that Howard would be 60 years old by the time The Elder Scrolls 6 comes out. Howard will be 60 years old in 2030.

“I want to do it forever,” Howard said of being involved with gaming. “I think the way I work will probably evolve, but… look at Miyamoto. He’s still doing it.”

No official date has been given for The Elder Scrolls 6, and the interview even says it’s “anyone’s guess” when the game will come out. But it’s safe to say that it won’t be any time soon.

The Elder Scrolls team is working on a lot of innovations that will make the game even more immersive than before, Howard said, given the new technology that’s now available. But no information was given on what this exactly means.

So, for now? Starfield it is.


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