The easiest ways to complete Shattered Web’s Week 3 Missions

By Nick Johnson


Dec 4, 2019

Reading time: 6 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s third week of missions is live for Operation Shattered Web, and one of them is the mission that shows up every operation and everyone really dislikes.

There’s nothing more frustrating opening up Counter-Strike Global Offensive, excited to take a crack at that week’s missions and seeing that you have to get 25 kills in a deathmatch. A Valve deathmatch. With a Nova.

Shattered Web’s missions have been a slight pain for the first two weeks. Both required players to play game modes that most usually avoid. Let’s be honest, no one enjoyed grinding Danger Zone hoping that they’ll live long enough to find a heavy weapon in Week 1. 

Shattered Web Week 3 Mission Tips

Week 3’s list of missions is an improvement over Shattered Web’s first two, but not because they’re more fun. They’re just easier. That doesn’t mean there aren’t even easer ways to complete them, so here are some quick and dirty tips to get players their stars as easily as possible.

  •  Get 10 kills in Fly Scoutsman

The fan-favorite game mode Flying Scoutsman makes a return to a CSGO operation once again, with all the good and bad that it brings. Before players hop in, they should know that some people are already very good at it. For those who aren’t great with the Scout, this might be a tough one.

For those who don’t know, Flying Scoutsman is a special game mode in which the gravity is lowered and everyone starts with a Scout. It’s an elimination game mode, meaning that once you die in Scoutsman, you’re dead until the start of the next round. If you’re not a good Scout player, you’re going to spend a lot of time waiting for the next round. 

Top tip for this mission? Be a coward. It’s not honorable and it’s not all that fun, but snagging a kill on a weakened enemy will still feel better than getting noscoped from across the map in the first four seconds.

Once you get the hang of taking advantage of the Scout’s jumping accuracy, the mode is actually quite fun. It’s getting adjusted to the gameplay and pace that’s the tricky part.

  •  Spend 5000 cash in a single Danger Zone match

Danger Zone is CSGO’s battle royale, but all the basics that you’ve learned in competitive play transfer over. $5000 looks like a serious amount at first glance, but if you’re decent at Counter-Strike then you’ll do fine. 

It’s common sense, but step one is staying alive. You can’t order equipment if you’re dead. Playing safe is the name of the game, and with decent CS skills and a few lucky duffel bags, hitting $5000 isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Step two is winning the fights you can win. Once again, you can’t spend money if you’re staring at the death screen, so make sure that you take fights you know you can win. Most players are so kill hungry that they’ll give chase if you run, allowing you to take the engagement somewhere that suits you better.

Just remember to spend the money. The mission isn’t to collect $5000, it’s to spend it. You don’t have to do it all at once, either.


  •  Get 30 Kills in Guardian: Office

Just like the previous week’s Guardian missions, two players have to hold out against waves of enemies until you hit 30 kills. Unlike the last two weeks, though, you’re not limited to a specific weapon. That makes this mission a piece of cake.

The easiest way to grab these stars is to feed one member of the team all the kills. Once they can, they should grab a Negev while the other player does literally anything else. 30 kills comes quick when one member has a laser beam.

The other member should still grab a Molotov for the heavy rounds just to help out, but the Negev is still broken enough that its all you need to beat this week’s Guardian mission.


  • Get 10 Round Wins in Competitive: Office

For all the new players out there, welcome to your first Operation hostage map. Office is the same map used for this week’s Guardian mission, so if player have done them in order they’ll already be familiar with the general idea.

CTs have to pick up and run the hostage to an extraction site while the T-side tries to stop them. Competitive Office is an entirely different beast from casual, however. Players who play Office don’t just play Office. They live and breathe Office. 

If you’re not one of those players, try to complete this mission during peak hours, where you and the other 99% of the CSGO community is trying to grind out the mission. Players only need round wins, so the easiest way is to eliminate the enemy team. Don’t even bother with the hostages.

It will take some time to learn all the angles if you’re unfamiliar, but once you’ve played a round or two on Office it might start to grow on you.

Or maybe not.


  • Get 16 round win in Wingman: Vertigo

Wingman isn’t everyone’s thing, but once again this is an easy mission with a three-star reward. Unless you’re a Vertigo god, it’s going to take two or three matches to get it done. Wingman is great training for competitive play, attacking a site undermanned and executing retakes.

CTs like to hold T-mid from palettes, so be sure to flash if you choose the upper route to A from T-spawn. Likewise, Ts love to rush mid, so boosting a teammate on the left stack close to CT spawn can throw their aim off long enough for a cheeky kill and a rotate.

Ramp can be rough, especially if you don’t know any T-side smokes. That said, T-side players can normally get to the scaffolding and either hold for a CT push or go aggressive if a CT makes themselves known. If a player decides to take ramp, the orange boxes at the back right of the site is a common CT camping spot.

And for the love of Liquid, players need to remember to check sandbags.

In Wingman, splitting your forces on defense is risky, but so is stacking the site. Backstabs through mid are incredibly common, so load up the map and a practice config and walk from T-mid to the A boost and get a sense of the timings. 

Again, this is one of those missions that will eventually complete itself, unlike the next and final Shattered Web mission for week three.


  •  Get 5 hostage rescues, or kill 5 hostage rescuers in Casual: Hostage Group

This is the one mission everyone will either skip this week or just suffer through it. Casual is a rough experience on the best of days, but when this mission is active it’s an absolute nightmare.

If players have to have the Diamond coin, then they have to buckle up and get to it. On T-side, players have to actively work against the point of the game mode to make progress. Players can find a back route out of the hostage zone ambush CTs on their way out, or camp the extraction zone.

As a CT? Slow and steady wins the race. Player’s shouldn’t take the early fights, and should assume that there is a T-side player waiting for them to grab the hostage. Getting one rescue is tough, but five might actually take someone an entire operation. Your best bet is taking out CT rescuers on the T side.

That’s it for Shattered Web’s week three missions, but we’ll be back next week for some tips on how to keep pushing for that Diamond Shattered Web coin.


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