The Day Before: Release date, gameplay, delays

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 3, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

After multiple delays, Fntastic’s hotly anticipated zombie MMO, The Day Before, finally has a release date.

The Day Before has hit many snags since it was initially teased in 2021 as Fntastic’s massively multiplayer online game. The zombie survival game was delayed twice, removed from the Steam list, and got into controversies as well. But all of it only added to the hype around the MMO. Now, a new release date has been assigned, and it seems to be the final one.

The Day Before release date

The Day Before is now slated for November 10, 2023.

After months of quiet, the developer has shared a new gameplay trailer of The Day Before, confirming the release date as well. The survival MMO has now been pushed to the latter half of 2023. However, eager players will get a chance to try out the game ahead of the official launch. Fntastic has confirmed that The Day Before will have an open beta before release, but the exact date is currently unknown.

Why was The Day before delayed?

The Day Before was initially announced for June 21, 2022. However, it missed the release due to conversion to Unreal Engine 5 to achieve improved gameplay. In January 2023, the developer announced a new launch window, as the game was delayed yet again due to a trademark controversy.

The Day Before trademark was held by a calendar app maker, which according to the publisher, was available before the game was announced. According to the studio, someone bought the trademark after the game reveal, leading to legal issues. As a result, The Day Before was also pulled from Steam after claiming the top Wishlist spot for a short while. With this clarification, Fntastic shared a new release date of November 10, 2023.

The Day Before hasn’t returned to Steam yet, fanning rumors among the MMO community. Some even claim that the game isn’t real, but Fntastic insists that the Steam page will be reinstated soon.

The Day Before gameplay

The Day Before gameplay looks intense and immersive. Set in a gritty post-apocalyptic Big Apple, the gameplay takes you on a tour of the empty streets larger than life. Players can take down zombies and collect loot to amplify their inventory. Like any survival game, energy drinks, healing shots, weapons, grenades, and other accessories are available to aid in survival.

The Day Before

Weapons appear to be highly powerful, but they are loud. The Day Before maps are empty, with zombies hiding in shadows. So, players may want to avoid any attention in order to make it to safety. Players also have the option to either run in packs or survive alone. If you’re an ace shooter, the chances of survival would be higher by yourself.

Scrap items can be used to create new modifications to the gun, so shooting isn’t the only skill required. Vehicles play a crucial role as well, as shown in the first trailer. Those who roll in groups will have voice and text chat to improve communication.