The best TFT set 6.5 cheat sheet with all new units and traits

By Nicholas James


Feb 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

To help you best adapt to new Teamfight Tactics set Neon Nights, we’ve got the best TFT set 6.5 cheat sheet with all the new traits and units included.

Teamfight Tactics mid-set updates always bring tons of change, and it’s easy to get lost in all of the new units and traits. Here’s a breakdown of it all as well as a TFT set 6.5 cheat sheet for you to use in your own games.

TFT set 6.5 cheat sheet

The new Teamfight Tactics set has brought a ton of new traits, including Hextech, Striker, and Debonair among others. In addition, 20 new units and 80 new traits make it even harder to adapt to the new metagame. has curated a cheat sheet of all the traits and their relevant units to help you in your Teamfight Tactics games. Each champion has its cost included, as well as a brief description of each trait.

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Also included are the trait breakpoints, where the trait will offer new benefits to your team or certain units depending on how committed you are to the composition. In addition, the base splash art of each unit has been used to allow better recognition. Not every fan will be familiar with the different arts for each skin in a Teamfight Tactics match, and some champions’ skins look like other characters’.

Hopefully this mnemonic aid will improve your games and better allow you to focus on the more dynamic aspects of the Teamfight Tactics experience, from positioning and scouting to planning for possible Hextech Augments. A good cheat sheet can simplify the number of things a player has to keep memorized during a match of TFT, and that’s the goal of this TFT set 6.5 cheat sheet.

In terms of important changes to note, players should be aware that Mastermind is Silco’s powerful new unique trait that grants mana to the units in front of him, while Vi and Jinx have broken apart to become Rivals, only gaining bonuses when only one of them is fielded.


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