The best Skye flash guide for every map in Valorant

By Olivia Richman


Nov 24, 2020

Reading time: 5 min

Valorant’s newest agent, Skye, has been a lot of fun for players to figure out. And used properly, she can be devastatingly effective.

Her signature ability, Guiding Light, has been one of the reasons players keep flocking to the healing agent. Flashes are important in tactical shooters such as Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive because they throw off the enemy’s vision and ability to react. This often creates enough time for players to hit a headshot or charge forward safely. 

Guiding Light is a flash that Skye can bend around corners. Players can essentially control where it detonates and for how long it travels. 

Skye first equips a hawk trinket. Press “fire” to send it forward. By holding fire, players can guide the hawk in the direction of their crosshair. Re-use the ability while the hawk is in flight to transform it into a flash. The hawk also lets loose a screech when it blinds someone, indicating to Skye and her teammates that it’s time to turn the corner and attack. 

It’s very important in Riot’s new FPS to understand when and where to use Skye’s Guiding Light if players want to fully take advantage of this ability. 

Where to use Skye’s flash ability in each Valorant map


Here’s a pretty sneaky spot for agents in Showers. To avoid Skye’s flash being shot down by an enemy in Heaven, she can shoot the hawk through a hole in the ceiling of the room before the site. Activate the flash a few footsteps later to hit enemies defending from across the site. 

They won’t be prepared for the hawk to come from such a high angle, potentially catching them off guard. 

Defenders can also take advantage of Skye while they are on Hookah. Right at the beginning of the round, players can release the hawk through a hole in the ceiling. Just as with the other spot, players should start walking to the entrance so they are prepared to start shooting once the hawk is set off. 

Skye flash guide


Attackers that are approaching the A Site can surprise defenders waiting on the other side of the wall by sending out Guiding Light in an unexpected way. Instead of releasing the hawk through the entryway, players should try sending it over the building itself. This makes it harder for the enemy to react, while still ultimately landing the flash in the same position. 

Defenders have their own Skye tricks on A Site. While on Garden across from the tree, don’t send the hawk through the opening. Instead, look upwards and pinpoint the corner of the building above the tree. Once the hawk is sent out, players should direct it into a steep drop. This will catch enemies pushing the archway off guard. 


Defenders attacking B Mid can utilize similar techniques. Players will often send out Skye’s Guiding Light around the corner. To surprise enemies, back up a bit, look upwards, and shoot it over the roof of the building to the left. When it turns the corner, detonate the hawk. This allows Skye to blind enemies hiding behind corners in the hallway. 

Looking to retake Site A? Players coming from the doorway will quickly release the hawk through the door opening. But this tactic has become a bit too obvious. To avoid the hawk being shot down, back up from the doorway, heading back to the stairs. By shooting it over this building, the hawk will be able blind players waiting on the opposite side of Site A. After a steep dive, start running to the entryway to take advantage of dazed opponents. 

Skye flash 2


It’s time to attack on Haven. While still in spawn, Skye should immediately throw her flash right up ahead. Turn to the right and let the hawk fly over the corner of the building right when the wall goes down. Approaching snipers on the opposing team will be forced to retreat. Skye’s team can then rush Short or Long A. 

YouTuber SpicyCurry has a pretty spicy flash for defenders retaking the C Site. Before turning the corner that leads to the hallway ahead of C Site, players should look upward and shoot their hawk over the roof. Quickly move the mouse to look downward, bringing the hawk into a deep swoop almost immediately. Everyone on the site will be flashed, allowing Skye’s teammates to peek and wreak havoc. 

Skye flash guide


Heading into B Mid, defending Skye players shouldn’t send their hawk through the small entrance leading to the other side of Mid. There’s a more creative way to do this. Look upwards and release Guiding Light over the corner of the entryway. It should make a slight arch and land right on the other side, flashing everyone on the other side of Mid. 

An A Site retake is also the perfect opportunity to show off some flashy Skye plays. Unlike sites on the other maps, players can’t simply let the hawk fly above a building since the A Site has a roof. There aren’t many open angles to take advantage of. Instead, head for the stairs and send the hawk through the entryway. This may seem easy for opponents to predict, but players should immediately curl the bird downward. This lower angle won’t be as expected, allowing Skye to easily flash enemies, including those hiding beneath the stairs. 

Who is the new agent in Valorant?

Skye is the newest agent, bringing another healer onto the roster. The beastmaster hails from Australia, utilizing nature to not only heal her teammates but give them useful information about the enemy team. She joined Valorant on October 27 as part of Act 3. 

How do you get Skye in Valorant?

Skye can be unlocked just like any other agent in the game. Select her icon and choose “view contract.” Players can start earning XP to work towards unlocking her. 

Players who want Skye immediately can buy her contract for 1,000 Valorant Points. That’s about $10. 


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