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The best Pokémon plushies you should have in 2023

By Olivia Richman


Jan 6, 2023

Reading time: 4 min

Pokémon are for more than just battling. There are some Pokémon that are perfect for cuddling, whether it’s due to their adorable features, softness, or roundness. If you’re looking for your own Pokémon to cuddle, check out these best Pokémon plushies to display or add to your bed!

Big Pokémon plush

Some of the best Pokémon plush are life-size! They make the most perfect pillows and companions due to their immense size.

Arcanine Poke Plush

This bold plush is as expressive and fierce as it is soft. It has plush fur that represents its fluffy tai land mane just like the actual Arcanine. Its solid body makes it the perfect plush for cuddling with, whether it’s lying alongside this loyal companion or using it as a back rest while you play your Nintendo Switch. Either way, you can feel safe knowing he’s guarding you.

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Lucario Poke Plush

No matter what you’re doing around the house, you can now have a Lucario by your side. This life-size Lucario plush is quite unique in that it stands upright instead of laying down. Have him stand by your bed at night to guard you in your sleep or hang out with him while you do some chores. He may look a little judgmental, but this quality plush is actually quite loyal and supportive. He also has bendable limbs so you can switch up his poses depending on your activity.

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Adorable Pokémon plush

If you’re looking for something simply sweet to add to your Pokémon plush collection, you just need to find something beyond cute and adorable that will make you smile.

Sleeping Sylveon

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There is nothing more wholesome than a sleeping Sylveon. With its bows, ribbons, and sweet smiling face, this marshmallow-soft plush is the perfect cuddle buddy. There are also sleeping plush of every other Eeveelution as well, including a daydreaming Espeon and a warm Flareon. This plush is often sold out on the Pokémon Center but you can find private sellers and Japanese boutiques selling this highly desirable Sylveon when needed.

Squishmallow Pikachu

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Do you ever find yourself missing when Pikachu was a bit, well, chunkier? Pikachu may have slimmed down in the anime, but he’s still rotund in our hearts. Squishmallow recently collaborated with Pokémon to create a very round and squishy Pikachu plush that has short, chubby arms, red cheeks, and a heartwarming smile. This incredibly soft plush is perfect for plush collectors.

Ditto Plush

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Ditto is such a likeable Pokémon since he’s just a large blob with a quirky personality. While he can take on the likeness of any Pokémon, he’s most precious as a squishy, round ball of gooey pinkness. His beady eyes and large smile just add to his cuteness. Being able to use Ditto as a supportive, comfortable pillow sounds like a dream come true.

Super Cool Pokémon Plush

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Rayquaza is an intense legendary Dragon-type Pokémon that is incredibly mystical in appearance. It has a long, segmented body and a lot of ribbons and other details that make it quite eye-catching. Rayquaza makes the perfect plush for someone that dreams of becoming a Pokémon Master. This long and bendable plush will look fierce wherever you place it.

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Corviknight Sitting Cuities

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While he may be small and soft, this plush is just immensely intense. Look at that sharp beak, those piercing, red eyes! Corviknight is is a huge raven-like Pokémon that is very imposing. Just imagining it soaring down at you in a foggy graveyard is something out of a nightmare. But now you can have your own Corviknight just hanging out on your dresser.

Charizard Plush

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Charizard is an iconic Pokemon that’s known for his bad attitude and fiery abilities. This is a plush that’s perfect for anyone that wants a tough Pokémon to guard their bedroom and make other plush shake in fear. This is the perfect gift for anybody that loves classic Pokémon anime and games.