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The best Pokemon PFP to use, depending on your mood

By Olivia Richman


Aug 23, 2022

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Sometimes we’re just not in the mood to take selfies. When that’s the case, you may want a cute profile pic (PFP) that shows your fandom, whether it’s an anime or a cute Pokemon. It’s time to pick out the perfect Pokemon PFP for you, and we’ve prepared a few categories that should help guide you to the right choice.

Cute Pokemon PFP

Looking for something cute? Here are some of the most adorable Pokemon to use when you want a pic that’s pettable and cuddly.


Eevee is almost a Pokemon mascot at this point. The fox-like Pokemon has big, wholesome eyes and a bunch of fluff. A smiling Eevee surrounded by flowers is the perfect Pokemon PFP.

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A bug? Cute? You bet! Butterfree is a classic Gen 1 Pokemon with innocent eyes, a pretty purple color, and glorious wings. Flying through the forest, this Butterfree pic is nostalgic and pretty.

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Shaymin is a smol hedgehog wearing a flower. This grass-type mythical Pokemon is popular for being extremely powerful, but also for its cutesy looks.

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While legendary, Mew is most notable for being just plain cute. This laughing pic is perfect for a cheeky, adorable Pokemon PFP. It really captures Mew’s spirit and the pose is just perfect.

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Funny Pokemon PFP

If you’re looking for a Pokemon profile pic that’s a bit on the goofier side, you need a pic that will make your friends laugh. These are perfect options for people that want a funny Pokemon profile pic.


We have all seen “surprised Pika,” but have you seen this grimacing Pikachu? You can’t help but laugh at this silly face. This is the perfect Pokemon PFP for someone that wants to express their feelings of horror or cringe.

Blog post image


Here is another classic Pokemon image you probably think about all the time. This shows an entirely new side of Squirtle, and it can show off your crazy side too.

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Mr. Mime

The live action version of Mr. Mime is terrifying. If you want to weird someone out, this picture of Mr. Mime looking sus is sure to do the job immediately.

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This melting, miserable Ditto is just hilarious. This is definitely a weird image that is sure to get people’s attention. Express your exasperation with this goofy Ditto picture.

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Intense Pokemon PFP

Want something a bit more serious? There are luckily a ton of intense Pokemon profile pics that show off just how badass Pokemon can be.


This tough dragon has been popular in the TCG and video game for its strength. You’ll see Rayquaza’s intense eyes and claws all over playmats, phone backgrounds, and now as your profile pic!

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You saw Eevee earlier, but this is an entirely different fox-like Pokemon. Zoroark is a dark-type that always looks sinister, like it’s up to something super suspicious and evil. If you’re feeling a bit mischievous, this is a great Pokemon PFP to use.

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This mega evolution of Lucario is incredibly tough. He looks like a ninja with his flapping fur and dark mask. Lucario always seems ready to fight, making this a very intense profile picture indeed.

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This legendary Pokemon is one of the strongest in the entire series. This crazy intense Pokemon can turn into any form. It can also create other legendary Pokemon.

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No matter what your mood, there’s always a good Pokemon PFP for you. We hope one of our choices is the right one that fits you vibe.


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