The best new places to drop in Fortnite MEGA

By Nicholas James


Mar 12, 2023

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The new season of Fortnite is here, so here are some of the best new places to drop in Fortnite MEGA.

Fortnite’s new season has dropped, and a brand new Japanese cyberpunk aesthetic has taken over the southeastern portion of the island. This has introduced several new locations and Points of Interest, and it can be hard to figure out just exactly where is best to begin your game. Here are some of our favorite new places to begin games of Fortnite in Fortnite MEGA.

The best places to drop in Fortnite MEGA

Katana Dueling Circles

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There are four dueling circles in the new area of the map, each of which has two Kinetic Blade katanas on opposite sides of the circle and an NPC to challenge for a third Kinetic Blade and a pistol. The Kinetic Blade is one of the most important items in the new season, and with each of these circles being close to a named Point of Interest, you can quickly collect 2-3 katanas for your team before going to one of the POIs.

Kenjutsu Crossing

Kenjustsu Crossing is the named Point of Interest in the southeastern point of the map. It has an enormous pagoda-like structure with four separate Kinetic Blade spawns on the first floor and tons of chests and weapon spawns throughout its many floors. It also has a claimable flagpole like all named POIs, and has several buildings across from the bridge that serve as secondary landing points. Kenjutsu Crossing is the only reliable way to start a Squads game with every member of your team wielding a Kinetic Blade, so it’s great for large groups.


MEGA city is the enormous new cyberpunk city smack-dab in the middle of the new zone. It’s got cars and bikes aplenty, buildings brimming with loot, and an NPC boss who unlocks a serious value-filled vault. This is the most high-risk, high-reward location in the new season, as it tends to be swarming with players who want its bounty just as badly as you do. MEGA City often ends up being a chaotic brawl at the start of the game, but if you can come out on top, nowhere else can offer its level of rewards.


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