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The best Kirby and the Forgotten Land upgraded copy abilities

By Olivia Richman


Apr 8, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has introduced an abundance of new features to the Kirby franchise, foremost among them being upgraded copy abilities.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a 3D platformer that allows Kirby to explore an eery, abandoned mystery world while saving Waddle Dees. The rescued Waddle Dees help build up Waddle Dee Town and unlock a Weapon Shop after defeating the Natural Plains Area.

The Weapon Shop is where Kirby can upgrade copy abilities he’s encountered and used throughout each level. You’ll need to find blueprints on the maps and bring them to the Weapon Shop to upgrade copy abilities, which makes them more powerful each level. Most have three total levels.

The best upgraded copy abilities

Upgraded copy abilities are new to Kirby and the Forgotten Land, making Kirby’s abilities more powerful than ever. When you find a blueprint that upgrades a copy ability to the next level, bring it to the Work Shop and Kirby will leave with a copy ability that has an extra boost. This usually means more damage, a bigger hitbox, or even multiple weapons.

Here are the copy abilities to level up first and which ones to use during your journey.

5. Bomb

The normal Bomb ability is not often seen as Kirby’s best ability but the upgrades make it one of the most powerful. The Chain upgrade links nearby bombs together, causing a chain reaction that damages multiple enemies. Homing Bomb means Kirby no longer has to aim, with the bomb automatically targeting enemies at a close range.

4. Sleep

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Sleep is often seen as underwhelming, maybe even boring, but many Kirby fans are calling the final level overpowered. Deep Sleep lets Kirby nap in a bed, offering him a major health boost. Basically, Kirby becomes almost immortal, able to regenerate health at an incredible speed. Also, look at how adorable he looks sleeping in this bed.

3. Drill

Drill is a brand new ability to Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The initial ability allows Kirby to tunnel underground, avoiding enemies while also damaging ones that are above him when he emerges. The final upgrade, Twin Drill, has a second drill sticking above Kirby as he digs, killing enemies as he tunnels underneath.

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2. Ranger

Kirby with a gun? Cool. Kirby with two guns? Absolutely amazing. The upgraded copy ability, Noble Ranger, has two weapons when he upgrades. While it does require some charging, it does rapid-fire damage. Plus, it’s just worth donning for the hat alone.

1. Sword

Sword, even as an initial weapon, is fun. It’s not the best but Kirby fans still enjoy it. The upgraded version, Gigantic Sword, provides a better hitbox that means Kirby won’t miss attacks as often. The next upgrade is Meta Knight Sword, which does a massive amount of damage thanks to its spin attack. But the final upgrade, Morpho Knight Sword, is the best in the game. This is a postgame reward that lets Kirby fire sword beams at any time, making Kirby more powerful than ever before.