The best game deals of the 2022 Steam Summer Sale

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 23, 2022

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The 2022 Steam Summer Sale is on, with deals of up to 90% off on some of the best games on the market.

Steam sales are an important time of year for PC gamers, and the Summer Sale is often the biggest. This year, thousands of games are on offer with discounts as high as 94% off. If you’re looking to stock up for the whole year, these are the five best deals in the 2022 Steam Summer Sale.

Dead Cells and DLC is a ton of content for just $20

Dead Cells quickly became a household name in roguelikes when it released in 2018. The beautiful pixel-based animation and massive pool of upgrades make the game the most replayable 2022 Summer Sale deal on this list. Dead Cells has aged well since then with tons of updates and multiple DLCs.

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With a 50% slash to its price, Dead Cells becomes an absolute bargain for cost to content. Gamers have until July 7 to pick up the game for half-off. The game and all three DLC bundles are also 50% off for $19.48.

Ghostrunner is a high-flying action game for just $12

Ghostrunner is a first-person parkour action game that puts a new spin on the one-hit-kill subgenre. Armed with nothing but a katana, a rogue cyborg must journey through a cyberpunk dystopia to save humanity. A light story provides context, but between the alternate game modes and comprehensive New Game+, Ghostrunner is all about action and doesn’t pretend otherwise.

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The 2022 Summer Sale has put Ghostrunner down to its lowest price ever at just $11.99. 60% off is a great deal on any game, but Ghostrunner’s “Very Positive” review rating on Steam makes it a must-grab.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland goes on sale a month after release

Fans of the Borderlands franchise didn’t know what to expect from a new spinoff, but Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is a new take on the looter-shooter. Melee combat opens up a bunch of new design space for Gearbox and despite early criticism, the game currently sports a 79 on Metacritic and decent reviews on Steam.

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Recent AAA releases usually skip the Steam Sale, so Tiny Tina’s Wonderland at 20% off is notable. Unfortunately, the game’s three DLC packs are still at full price.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is a steal at $47

The remake of Final Fantasy 7 has been on Steam for less than a month, but Valve’s already chopping a bit off the price. The new version reimagines the original with an impressive graphical overhaul and larger cast of characters. Getting it for cheap now is a great way to prepare for FF7 Rebirth, the upcoming part two.

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FF7 Remake usually sports a steep $70 price tag, but its 29% off deal for $49.69 the 2022 Steam Summer Sale makes now the best time to pick it up. The Steam version also comes with the Yuffie Intermission DLC included.

Civilization VI and all DLCs is one of the best deals of the 2022 Summer Sale 

4X games always have a great content-to-dollar ratio, but Civilization VI’s expansive DLC and expansion packs make it a leader in the field. It can be difficult to fork over the normal $168 for all of the game, but the 2022 Summer Steam Sale cuts that price down to just $15.

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Civilization VI Platinum includes the base game as well as the nine DLC civilizations added to the game. The Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions are both included. With a total price cut of 91%, this is easily one of the best deals and arguably one of the best games in the entire 2022 Steam Summer Sale.


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