How to play the Anger Foot demo, a new one-hit-kill action game

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 16, 2022

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The new Anger Foot demo combines high-octane gameplay and sneakerhead culture into a potentially charming action game.

Anger Foot is the newest action game from Free Lives and Devolver Digital. The game combines Hotline Miami mechanics with a first-person perspective. The game’s name comes from the protagonist’s own foot, which he uses to express his anger against enemies, doors, grenades, televisions, and anything else he finds in his way. 

To help market the latest release, Free Lives has released a massive demo for the game. The Anger Foot demo is completely free and includes 10 normal levels and a boss fight. It also includes 12 alternate shoes to unlock with special challenges for each level. Here’s how to try Anger Foot for free before its 2023 release date.

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How to play the Anger Foot demo on Steam

To download the Anger Foot demo on Steam, head to the game’s official Steam page. Under the trailer and above the planned release date, you should see a green section labeled Download Anger Foot Demo. Just click on the green Download button and Steam will begin installing the Anger Foot demo. The demo is just under three gigabytes, which is a hint toward its impressive amount of content.

The sneak peek consists of 10 Anger Foot levels with slowly increasing complexity. The game starts with the titular Anger Foot as the only weapon, but the protagonist quickly gains access to pistols, submachine guns, and shotguns. The new weapons come via new enemy types introduced in later levels. There are a total of 10 levels to complete with a boss fight to wrap up the demo. There are six unlockable pairs of footwear each with its own ability to unlock.

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On top of the exciting gameplay, Anger Foot is also very weird. Enemies twerk on the player’s corpse when they die, and a brief story scene shows the protagonist feeding his girlfriend popcorn using his feet. The game is strange, but that’s to be expected from a Free Lives and Devolver project.


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