Wigglytuff guide

The best build and moves for Wigglytuff in Pokemon Unite

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Wigglytuff has turned into one of the most oppressive supports in Pokemon Unite, able to lock down opponents while supporting its own carries. Paired up with an Alolan Ninetales, Lucario, or even Gardevoir, Wigglytuff is able to flourish in lane and help get the early lead needed to snowball a game. 

In Pokemon Unite, Wigglytuff is classified as an intermediate Pokemon, which means that it’s not the easiest to play. It will likely take a few games with Wigglytuff to understand its strengths and how to optimize the moves. Wigglytuff is also a melee special attacker, making it very important to position well and get some tankiness to avoid getting popped in an instance. 

To get off to a good start with Wigglytuff in Pokemon Unite, here’s a look at which items and moves to use on the fairy supporter.  

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Best Pokemon Unite build for Wigglytuff

Wigglytuff has turned into a Pokemon that can be played in a few different ways. By nature, Wigglytuff is mostly seen as a defensive supporter but players have also found ways to play Wigglytuff more aggressively. Since support is the most common way to play Wigglytuff, this guide will be catered towards a support build. 

If players want to go more offensive with Wigglytuff, then it will be important to get some more offensive items and Wigglytuff can dish out some great damage in the early stages. To optimize this, items such as Muscle Band and Float Stone will be ideal choices instead of the supportive items listed below. 

Buddy Barrier

The current strongest items for supports in Pokemon Unite are pretty clear and Buddy Barrier is one of them. With this item, Wigglytuff will be able to shield itself and a nearby ally when using the Unite Move. This goes very well with Starlight Recital which already shields on its own. 

Score Shield

As a fairly slow Pokemon, it’s important for Wigglytuff to have some assistance when going in to score goals. Score Shield is the perfect item for that since it gives Wigglytuff a small buffer if an opponent turns up when trying to score. 

Shell Bell

The last important item for Wigglytuff is Shell Bell, which will help with sustain throughout the game. As a special attacker, Wigglytuff will utilize the heal that Shell Bell gives when hitting special attacks. Players using Shell Bell will see a solid heal whenever Wigglytuff hits with Double Slap. 

Best battle item for Wigglytuff in Pokemon Unite

Until Pokemon Unite releases some balance updates to the battle items, it will always be the Reject Button that is the right option for Wigglytuff. This item is currently way too strong and will be valuable for any Pokemon in the game despite its role.

Other players have opted into other battle items for Wigglytuff, but it likely won’t be necessary unless Reject Button gets too boring to play with. Another fun option will be Slow Smoke, which can slow the movement speed of nearby opponents and help Wigglytuff lock them down. 

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Use these moves for Wigglytuff in Pokemon Unite

When playing Wigglytuff as a support, it’s all about helping carries into a favorable position. This is something Wigglytuff is extremely good at since it can lock down opponents with Sing right from level four. This ability will be the most important for Wigglytuff and without a doubt the strongest. 

Even though Wigglytuff wants to be a support, players shouldn’t underestimate its damage during the first four to six levels. With Pound and Double Slap, Wigglytuff can deal a lot of damage in a cone on a very short cooldown. When taking on skirmishes with other melee Pokemon, Wigglytuff could end up winning most of them on its own. 

Pound (level one)

At level one, there’s only one right option for Wigglytuff and that’s Pound. This ability will be on a short cooldown and deal AOE damage and slow in a cone. This will help Wigglytuff clear out the early wild Pokemon very fast and get the first few levels. 

Sing (level four)

At level four, Wigglytuff really becomes scary. By choosing Sing, Wigglytuff can now lock down targets with an AOE sleep that will also weaken the opponents’ defense and special defense. Sing takes a few seconds to charge up, so make sure to activate it at the right time. 

Double Slap (level six)

To stay relevant in the game when it comes to damage and clearing wild Pokemon camps, Wigglytuff wants to pick Double Slap at level six. This will be an empowered version of Pound, which will once again deal damage and slow in a cone.

Starlight Recital (Unite Move)

The last move for Wigglytuff will be its Unite Move Starlight Recital. This will be an important tool for Wigglytuff in big team fights around objectives. Starlight Recital provides Wigglytuff and nearby allies a shield and buffs.