Apex Legends mobile tier list

The best Apex Legends mobile tier list for Season 2

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 15, 2022

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After a blockbuster beta release, Apex mobile is now winning hearts globally with its exclusive characters. Check out our Apex Legends mobile tier list to see how each legend stacks up in the roster. 

Respawn rolled out a shiny new Apex for mobile with a platform-exclusive legend and exciting cosmetics. The developer announced Apex Legends Mobile with limited playable characters. Initially, the game had nine legends, with one locked in the battle pass. All the legends were from Apex PC, with the exception of Fade, who wagged many tongues for being mobile exclusive. 

The developer has now added PC character Loba into the mobile roster, shaking up the game meta. Apex mobile season 2, Cold Snap, has become cutthroat and challenging with Loba and Fade’s arrival. Here’s how each legend ranks in the Apex Legends mobile tier list. 

S TierBloodhound, Gibraltar
A TierLoba, Wraith, Lifeline
B TierFade, Caustic, Octane, Pathfinder
C TierBangalore, Mirage

S Tier: Bloodhound, Gibraltar 

Bloodhound is hands down the best Recon character in Apex mobile so far. With his Eye of the Allfather, the legend scans enemies behind their hiding points, bringing valuable intel for teammates. His ultimate Beast of Hunt adds a mind-blowing boost to momentum and awareness, helping pick off enemies quicker. 

Apex Legends mobile tier list

The giant war machine, Gibraltar, nabs the top spot in the Apex mobile tier list for his Dome of Protection, creating a shield around all teammates at low cost. Pairing him with the correct legends can secure you an easy win by maximizing protection.

A Tier: Loba, Wraith, Lifeline 

Loba is the latest character on the roster. Considering her successful stint on PC, it’s safe to say she’ll be viable in season 2. The legend’s perks include gaining extra loot from crates and even stealing her squadmates’ banners, which no one else can pull off. Wraith is also a beyond viable legend as she can alert teammates of danger beforehand. She’s a must-pick character for those who’re serious about ranking up. 

Apex Legends mobile

Healing is crucial in Apex, which is why Lifeline secures a spot in the top tiers. The legend always has medical supplies ready to go with her D.O.C. Heal Drone that patches everyone within the radius. 

B Tier: Fade, Caustic, Octane, Pathfinder

Fade is the tenth legend in Apex Legends, exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile. He toys with time using his tactical ability Flashback. The legend can rewind the clock by seven to eight seconds, making it challenging for enemies to keep track of him in a battle. 

Apex Legends mobile

So far, Caustic has failed to bring anything new to the table, but players still pick her for Nox Vision which helps her see enemies through the gas. But Gibraltar remains the better Defensive pick, rendering Caustic almost less helpful. 

Conversely, Octane is heavily picked for his aggression and wild abilities in the recent season. The massive outlands of Apex are nothing for this beast who can stim around the arenas. His stim is the favorite toy of new players, but it costs him a considerable chunk of health. 

C Tier: Bangalore, Mirage 

Apex Legends mobile tier list

Bangalore packs ample energy and aggression that can boost a team’s overall damage. The strategic legend is an excellent addition to the roster, but she’s easy to counter, and other legends can do her job more efficiently. The Holographic Trickster Mirage is a fun legend but not the best one to pick for your rank grind. His kit may lack the punch required to climb through levels in Apex mobile. 


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