The best Apex Legends landing spots in World’s Edge Season 6

By Olivia Richman


Sep 21, 2020

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World’s Edge is back in Season 6 and it’s looking a bit different. There’s three new points of view and passageways, making the map more open than in past seasons. There’s a lot to explore and it can be difficult to know just where to begin. Here’s a closer look at each potential landing spot, helping players decide which POI is best for their specific playstyle and tactics. 

Best Apex Legends landing spots for loot

Apex Legends landing spot loot

Bloodhound’s Trials

High-level gear can always be found here if players are able to fight off Prowlers. Completing the three trials in this area makes it difficult to rotate efficiently, leaving a lot of players scrambling to escape the ring when it closes. 


There’s a lot of gear scattered throughout Skyhook’s buildings. In Season 6, developers added a small passageway between Skyhook and Survey Camp, making it easier to grab loot and hurry to the northeast area of the map. With loot, though, comes a bunch of other players. Skyhook can definitely get quite crowded early on. 

Train Yard

Full of houses and ziplines, Train Yard is a great place for loot. If players find a key there’s even more high-level loot within the area’s tunnels. Keep in mind that this is a popular landing spot where a lot of players will gravitate towards at the start of the game. 

The Geyser

This scenic spot’s corridors are full of loot. There’s also a vault in the tunnels just up north, which players can access with a vault key. 


Right in the center of the map, the Epicenter is a pretty hot landing zone thanks to its quality gear and loot. With few rotation choics, this can become quite a bloody arena as squads fight to stay alive and get the best loot. 

Best Apex Legends landing spots for rotation

Apex Legends landing spot rotation

Sorting Factory

This POI in the southeast is full of gear. Its biggest draw is its location. It’s close to the center with a great number of rotation options. Players who land here can easily maneuver to different parts of the map after snagging some loot. 


This northeast location replaced Drill Site, providing teams with a way to seal off the area and force enemies to rotate elsewhere. But for squads that get there first, Countdown provides multiple pathways and windows for movement. It’s in the middle of the northeast region and has access to all other important interests. 

Launch Site

This is a new Season 6 POI. There’s vertical ziplines and Blast Walls, making it a good area to explore for loot. But the biggest draw is the variety of rotation options here. There’s The Tree on the west, The Dome and Lava City on the east, and then the Sorting Factory up north. 

The Harvester

This is sort of a no-brainer in terms of rotations since it’s right in the center of the map. This giant structure is filled with loot, which makes it quite popular for player landings. Luckily, there are many ways to grab loot and run before getting eliminated. Tunnel sand mountain passes make it easy to escape. 

Best Apex Legends landing spots for security

Apex Legends landing spot security

The Tree and Thermal Station

These southwest spots are on the edge of the map. This makes them pretty safe for landing and they even have some good gear available to grab. But legends can’t stay here too long since the rotation options are few and far between. The Tree has a pathway to Launch Site once players have grabbed what they need. 

Lava Fissure

Connected to Countdown, Lava Fissure is a much safer alternative that still allows for looting and rotating. It’s not as popular as Countdown, making it a pretty safe spot to start looting. 

Survey Camp, Overlook, and Refinery

These northeastern locations are near Epicenter but are much less populated. In Overlook, players can find decent gear. Survey Camp has weapon racks, which can sometimes draw some attention. As players get closer to the Epicenter they’ll start to see more combat. Take cover in a passageway between Survey Camp and Skyhook.

Of course, players who sneak through here won’t see as much loot. 

Lava City and Dome

These are pretty safe locations that still provide some good loot. There’s supply bins full of gear and even more inside the tunnels west of Lava City if teams have a vault key. While secure, these spots don’t have many rotation options, so players will have to move fast. 

Best Apex Legends landing spots for fighting

Apex Legends landing spot fight


New to Season 6, this spot is perfect fending off incoming squads. Players will often seal off the north and east sides of the map with blast walls, using the train tracks nearby to snipe enemies that attempt to fight their way in. Teams can take the high ground and the ensuing advantage on stairways and ziplines. Keep in mind that this spot doesn’t have many rotationoptions, meaning players may have to back off and head out at some point. 

Capital City

There are two halves of Capital City, known as Fragment East and Fragment West. The gap between these two halves make for dynamic combat areas. With an abundance of loot and rotation options, there’s no question that squads will run into other legends in this location. 


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