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The best and most popular dragon Squishmallows to collect

by | Jul 30, 2022

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Reading Time: 3 min.

Dragons are a common subject for Squishmallows and there are almost too many of them to count. But not all dragon Squishmallows are created equal, as the best and most popular dragon Squishmallows are more desirable than others for collectors.

There are currently around 50 dragon Squishmallows (not counting some of the more unusual additions) coming from different collections. Some stand out over others stand out due to their unique textures or designs. Some are also harder to find, making them a bit more intriguing. Here are some of the most exciting dragon Squishmallows to add to your collection.

Best dragon Squishmallows to add to your collection


Baiden is one of the more unique dragon Squishmallows. Not only is it the only red dragon, but this cross-over Squishmallow is also holding a boba tea. Baiden is desirable for its sparkly features and joyous face as it sips its tea.


This whimsical sleeping dragon is very popular in the Squishmallows community thanks to its little wings, adorable sleeping cap, and stunning teal coloring. It’s a favorite for cuddling, but this Fantasy Squad member is hard to come by since it’s exclusive to Walmart.


Palasha is a unique Squishmallow that’s part of the Fantasy and Valentine’s Squad. This romantic Squishmallow has a flirty wink, sparkly wings, and two hearts on its chest. This glittery Squishmallow is one of the most cutesy dragons, making it a perfect gift.


This Fuzz-A-Mallow dragon is actually the only dragon with a fuzzy body. This gives it a distinct look that sets it apart from Squishmallows, making it perfect for any collection. The light blue coloring and glittery accents make this dragon a stand-out and the fuzz is great for cuddling.


Wait… is that actually a dragon? Reginald the Corgi in a green dragon costume gets a pass because it takes the best part of a dragon and makes it all the more adorable with the addition of a puppy face. Reginald has its tongue sticking out and ears peaking out of the top of its dragon costume, along with the lime green coloring and wings of a fierce dragon.


Joey is part of the Inspirational Message collection. It’s an oversized Squishmallow at 16 inches featuring an inspiring message. It’s tummy says “I’m one of a kind” with an arrow shot through the text. Joey also features its own type of wings and an alert expression.


This camo dragon is one of the best color-smash Squishmallows thanks to its stand-out colors. Most color-smash dragons are rainbow or tie-dye, but Keanu is different. Part of the fantasy squad, Keanu is a fun dragon for any collector but this plush is unfortunately hard to come by. Its rarity is part of the allure for collectors.


Looking for a dragon with a unique shape? Dominic is a Stackable Squishamllow that’s wide and flat, making it perfect for stacking with other Squishmallow plush. Its shape is also perfect for use as a pillow. Dominic has a glorious scaly tie-dye pattern and three adorable hearts on its cheek.

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