The 5 best USP-S skins in CSGO, and which is most expensive

By Steven Rondina


May 15, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The USP-S is a powerful pistol in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and there are some very good skins for it. But what are the best USP-S skins in CSGO?

There’s obviously some subjectivity in that discussion. One player might like the lowkey leather accents of Business Class, while another might prefer the sparkly magenta of Target Acquired. The good news is that there are choices for everyone. These are the best USP-S skins in CSGO at a variety of price points. 

The five best USP-S skins in CSGO

The USP-S is one of the trickier guns to get good skins for because each tick in the float value hits hard. Wear is predominantly focused in the barrel and silencer, which means some skins become very ugly at lower quality. While there are some AK-47 skins that look great in battle-scarred quality, that isn’t the case with most USP-S skins. Because of this, various qualities are considered and are noted for each entry.

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Factory New USP-S Lead Conduit ($2)

The best budget skins for the USP-S are diverse in terms of their coloration. There are several colorful options out there, but the nicest cheap USP-S skin is the Lead Conduit. The gun itself is unremarkable but the detailed carving on the silencer makes it a great skin for all levels despite its humble $2 price tag.

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Factory New USP-S Cyrex ($4)

CSGO’s best budget USP-S skin is the Cyrex. The pistol is instantly identifiable thanks to its classy black, white, and red colors, and it comes at a very low price given how distinctive it is. The factory new version can be had for under $4 but the minimal wear version looks almost as good and costs about $2.

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Minimal Wear USP-S Whiteout ($13)

One of the priciest skins added in recent years that isn’t of covert-level rarity is the USP-S whiteout. The matte white pistol lives up to its name and sticks out across the map because of it. That results in the gun fetching almost $200 at factory new qualities. The good news is that the minimal wear retains the look and comes at a drastic discount, going for just about $13.

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Minimal Wear USP-S Neo-Noir ($26)

The Neo-Noir skinline is one of the prettiest in all of CSGO and unsurprisingly it ends up being one of the best USP-S skins. This one has a steeper price tag, but it’s certainly justified. The Neo-Noir in factory new condition goes for $55. Thankfully, a minimal wear version can be had for a manageable $26.

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Factory New USP-S The Traitor ($70)

Lots of the priciest skins for CSGO rifles are flashy and colorful. That generally isn’t the case with the USP-S, but there are some exceptions like The Traitor. The Traitor skins have a foil sheen with an elaborate red and gold pattern. The silencer is the best part with a gradient that runs from red to dark blue. The Traitor is a pretty skin that fetches a good price, with the factory new quality going for $70.

StatTrak Kill Confirmed is most expensive USP-S skin in CSGO

Looking to really flex in the pistol round? The Kill Confirmed USP-S skin is as expensive as the SP-S gets in CSGO. The factory new quality with StatTrak goes for a sizable $700. Though that’s not nearly as expensive as some of the AWP skins out there, it’s still quite pricy.

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As with The Traitor, it has a predominantly red color scheme and an elaborate design. Instead of a pattern, it has a huge decal of a skull with a bullet passing through it, leaving a trail down the barrel and silencer.