TFT patch 9.17 reworks Assassin trait and adds Pantheon

By Melany Moncada


Aug 28, 2019

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Patch 9.17 is coming to Teamfight Tactics and it brings a new set of changes to the auto battler.

The most recent update of the game introduces a new champion. Pantheon is joining Teamfight Tactics as the 56th champion in the game mode.

Pantheon joins TFT in Patch 9.17


The Pantheon rework went live on Patch 9.16 and in Patch 9.17 the Artisan of War is coming to Teamfight Tactics. Pantheon is the third unit for both the Dragon origin and Guardian class. 

Cost: 5 Gold

Origin: Dragon

Class: Guardian

Grand Starfall: Pantheon leaps in the air, crashing down towards the farthest enemy and stunning them for 4/6/8 seconds. All the enemy units in his path will receive magic damage and additional true damage over ten seconds. This damage is based on the unit’s maximum health.

TFT game mode changes in patch 9.17


The recent patch introduces broad system changes. In patch 9.17, the first carousel has all two cost units. The ghost armies now benefit from trait bonuses. Ghost armies used to be easier opponents, but now it might not be that easy to get through them.

All healing effects received updates. Grievous Wounds, the healing reduction effect from Morellonomicon, was adjusted down.

Grievous Wounds Healing Reduction: 100% ⇒ 80%

As a result, the healing effects changed to match the new stat.

The Bloodthirster Healing: 50% of Damage ⇒ 40% of Damage

Hextech Gunblade Healing: 33% of Damage ⇒ 25% of Damage

Swain Demonflare Healing: 50/90/130 ⇒ 40/70/100

Redemption Healing: 1500 ⇒ 1200

TFT trait updates


Assasins are getting a rework in patch 9.17 so there deliver a more consistent performance. Assassins’ jumps are now delayed, and will grant them access to the backline more consistently aswas intended with their trait. The players that draft strong front lines were able to body block Assassins since they jumped before the front line would move. Some stats also changed.

(3) Trait Bonus: 125% Crit Damage ⇒ 75% Crit Damage & 10% Crit Chance

(6) Trait Bonus: 350% Crit Damage ⇒ 150% Crit Damage & 25% Crit Chance

After patch 9.16, the Noble trait became one of the strongest in the late game. The extra armor and magic resistance on top of healing effects made it almost impossible to burst down. When combined with Gunslingers, Nobles were unstoppable. Patch 9.17 puts an end to the Nobles’ supremacy in TFT.

Armor & Magic Resist: 60 ⇒ 50

Healing: 35 ⇒ 25

Shapeshifters will have an easier time transforming in patch 9.17. One of the main challenges for these units is that these don’t live long enough to transform and trigger their shapeshifter trait.

Nidalee Total Mana: 100 ⇒ 85

Jayce Armor: 30 ⇒ 35

Jayce will also now transform at max mana, even if there is no one in range to knock away.

Shyvana Total Mana: 100 ⇒ 85

Gnar Total Mana: 125 ⇒ 100

Yordles are also being buffed.

Dodge chance: 30%/55% ⇒ 35%/60%

The Yordle change and Shapeshifter buff will benefit Gnar the most, especially considering the increase in bonus attack damage on transform that Gnar received in Patch 9.16B.

TFT champion changes

Gangplank’s changes stand out in the recent update.

Gangplank: Ability Damage: 200/325/450 ⇒ 150/250/350

Gangplank is the second Gunslinger to get nerfed in recent patches, the first being Lucian. Overall, the trait was too powerful in the late stages of the game and was easy to abuse. The change to Gangplank will prevent him from bursting down multiple units with a single ultimate attack.

The full patch notes can be found on the official League of Legends website.


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