Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16b nerfs Draven, Jinx, brawlers

By Marta Juras


Aug 22, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Teamfight Tactics has gotten a new patch update with, Riot Games implementing patch 9.16b on August 21. This mid-cycle patch mostly includes balance changes to various units.

Draven has been perceived thus far as a permier solo carry in TFT. However, the new patch lowers both his health, from 700 to 650, and his attack damage, from 75 to 70. Although he continues to be strong, he’s not the dominant force he once was.

Brawlers’ synergy bonus health buff has been nerfed once again, this time to 250/500/900. Brawlers were a difficult frontline to penetrate. The composition now won’t be as hard to deal with, but should remain an interesting for players.

Kayle’s high defense should feel more balanced with her shield duration being lowered to 2/2.5/3. Lucian now has a slower start to the game as his ability damage has been lowered to 100/225/350. Vi met a similar nerfing fate with a mana cost increase to 75/150.

Jinx’s ability bonus attack speed has been lowered to 0.6/0.8/1.0, and so has the rocket damage at higher levels, which is now set to 100/200/300. Losing both the damage and attack speed, Jinx is likely to be a lot less viable as a Gunslinger now.

Not all is bad for the class though, as Miss Fortune has received a decent damage buff, moving from 800/1250/1700 to 900/1300/1700.

TFT champions getting buffed


Gnar could become one of the strongest picks following the increase in his bonus attack damage on transform, from 30/60/90 to 50/100/150. This could possibly shift the meta more towards Shapeshifters, as the class’ synergy adds sustain to this high damage dealer.

Morgana will be more tanky with a higher armor of 30, and so should Shen and Anivia with health buffs. Aatrox’s level one spell damage has been increased by 50 to 950, but his level three damage got decreased by the same amount, down to 900.

The only item to receive a change in this patch is Luden’s Echo. Its damage has been slightly lowered from 200 to 180.

While Riot feels the TFT meta is in a good place and needs only a few tweaks, they are focusing their efforts on further adjustments of the matchmaking system to prevent frequent matching against the same players.