TFBlade rants at Riot after being suspended for battling trolls

Olivia Richman • September 3, 19:02

Team Liquid streamer Ashkan “TFBlade” Homayouni’s quest to be top ranked in every League of Legends server in the world has been put on hold after his account was suspended for 14 days in Turkey. 

“I cannot believe it. I prefer to be banned than play in this region. Maybe after 14 days I’ll come back. Or maybe I’ll just say I don’t need the rank one,” TFBlade said after getting the notification from Riot Games. 

The 14-day suspension was for “abusive player-reported comms,” according to the message he received. TFBlade supposedly used some unsavory words against his teammates. But many of his fans came to his defense, since TFBlade’s rant came after he was forced to play with trolls who wanted nothing more than to make sure TFBlade lost. 

“There was a comment on the first thread about how he was going to get banned for flaming the trolls LMAO. I don’t think TF Blade is the idiot in this situation, but it’s kinda unbelievable how accurately Riot can be predicted,” one Redditor pointed out. 

To become number one in every region, TFBlade has to play out every game he joins, or he’ll face penalities. While climbing the ranks in Turkey, he came across some teammates and opponents that were not taking the game too seriously. The resulting game took over an hour, which caused TFBlade to stop streaming soon after.

Throughout the match, TFBlade pointed out intentionally bad plays to his viewers. He also kept getting reported, which only added to his frustration. 

TFBlade lashes out at Riot Games after suspension


The Iranian streamer had a few choice words for Riot over his ban. 

“Look! 14 days no warnings, only two games, not three. Are you fucking retarded? You want me to not be toxic when they are running it down in my games. What are you doing about it? I reported them, I sent tickets, you didn’t do shit,” TFBlade said on stream. 

He called the people working at Riot “delusional apes” for not banning the trolling players. 


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