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TenZ shares prototype of his secret mouse, apologizes for poor marketing model

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 29, 2023

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After putting up his “secret mouse” for pre-orders, TenZ has now apologized for the questionable marketing model. He has also shared the early-stage prototype for the mouse.

Earlier this week, one of the top Valorant pro players Tyson “TenZ” Ngo announced that he’s working on creating his own mouse. The announcement was supposed to rock the FPS community, considering players have been trying to replicate his accuracy for years, copying everything he does in-game. For the same reason, his collaboration with Final Mouse generated $7 million in revenue in a single day.

What better way is there to be as good as him than using a mouse built by TenZ himself? However, things didn’t go as planned.

TenZ faced severe criticism from the gaming community for putting up a $200 mouse for pre-purchase when it wasn’t even revealed. Players questioned what they were paying for if they didn’t even know the shape of the mouse, let alone the specs.

However, TenZ has now apologized for the poor marketing model.

“First off I just want to genuinely apologize on the latest launch of my new mouse. I completely understand the negative comments that are being made towards the project, and everything is completely warranted,” TenZ said in an X post.

TenZ shares early-stage prototype for the secret mouse

As the backlash continued, TenZ further admitted that selling a mouse without disclosing shape, weight, and specs was a stretch since “shape is king.” TenZ then said that pre-purchase for the secret mouse has now been halted until there’s a solid product to show for it.

Those who already placed an order will get an option for a refund in their email.

Finally, he shared a glimpse at the early-stage prototype for the mouse. It’s tough to say much about the mouse from shared images, but it is an appropriate size for medium to large hand grips. It also appears to be an adjustable-weight mouse.

TenZ secret mouse

His apology was met with a positive response, with people lauding him for clear communication and taking responsibility.


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