Teardown lets you destroy Dust 2 in this workshop map on Steam

By Nick Johnson


Mar 26, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The Steam cult-hit Teardown takes players to a whole bunch of different places in search of demolition work, but modders have already created Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps for players to tear down.

Players rarely get the opportunity to remake maps from CSGO, let alone destroy them while riding around in one of the map’s usually undrivable cars. But that’s exactly what players can do in this workshop map for Teardown, a Steam game about one player trying to rebuild their demolition business from the ground up. And while the game shines in its tongue-in-cheek campaign missions, the addition of Steam Workshop support to Teardown has opened up a whole new set of possibilities.

Teardown Dust 2 port is a great way to experience CSGO’s famous map

There’s an unwritten rule about the Steam Workshop that says if a game has workshop support, players have to build CSGO levels with it. Well, Teardown players have followed this rule, with Steam user micro creating the Teardown version of Dust 2 that allows players to take their hammers and fire extinguishers to the dusty CSGO classic.

There’s a bonus to playing Dust 2 inside Teardown, too. While players might not be able to practice the perfect popflash and peek for middle in Teardown’s version of the famous map, they will be able to do something that they can’t in Valve’s signature shooter.

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Teardown lets players actually drive around its maps, and micro’s version of Dust 2 is no exception. All of Dust 2’s cards are driveable in micro’s Teardown version, meaning that players can finally see what it would be like to take B site in a sweet new ride. Players don’t even have to use the map’s famous doors anymore.

The remake is a fresh take on Dust 2, a map that was included in the game’s original Valve release and turned 20 years old last week. With the addition of Teardown’s mechanics, the remake lets players experience the classic CSGO map from a new perspective. Teardown’s destruction mechanics let players see what it would be like to play Dust 2 at night, for example, or see how it might feel if developers made major changes to Dust 2’s layout. For example, how would it feel to defend long if the gate at the bottom of pit actually connected to T-spawn?

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And the best part is that players can check these crazy options out without diving into CSGO’s map editor, Hammer, to get a feel for how the changes might affect Dust 2. Hammer can be hard to work with, and even though micro revealed that it took him upwards of four months to create Dust 2 inside Teardown, the process looks much simpler than trying to learn Hammer. Micro even streamed much of the process on his Youtube channel for anyone interested to check out.

CSGO’s maps have become so famous it seems that nobody can stop them from slowly creeping into other games, but that’s just a testament to how much of an influence they’ve had on gaming as a whole. Teardown is great fun even without micro’s awesome Dust 2 port, and it’s available on the Steam Store for an affordable $19.99.

micro’s Dust 2 remake is available here on the Steam Workshop, so make sure to drop by and leave some love for the latest, but definitely not the last, Dust 2 port players can experience this year.

Why is Dust 2 so popular?

The CSGO map Dust 2 is so popular thanks to how long it’s been around, with the original version of the map debuting on March 13, 2001. The desert-themed map has been in every single version of Counter-Strike since then, including CS 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source.

In fact, Dust 2 is so popular that almost one-third of every CSGO matchmaking game is played on the classic map.